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The FAMEEX digital currency trading platform was officially launched in 2020, adhering to the concept of quantitative implementation of blockchain new finance, laying out diversified business segments, and committed to developing into a safe, stable and efficient blockchain tool platform, supporting virtual currency transactions such as BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, DOT, BNB.

FAMEEX has strictly complied with local regulatory policies and regulatory requirements in the development of its global layout. At present, it has established professional operation teams in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Beijing, and Shanghai, China. At the same time, Vietnam, South Korea, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and The Ukrainian studio is also under construction.

[Guard the safety of user funds and escort transactions]
FAMEEX uses a four-layer ladder encryption protection mechanism to ensure the security of funds to ensure that all links of on-chain storage, on-chain, and off-chain are not threatened by any technical form.

FAMEEX adopts the "full node wallet method" to store funds, and generates public and private keys corresponding to the "asymmetric encryption technology" based on the one-way hash function algorithm to ensure that the funds on the chain are undecipherable. In addition, FAMEEX also separates and encrypts the hot and cold wallets, splits the private key randomly, and then encrypts the storage in the library, and sets multiple read permissions to achieve the purpose of wallet privacy and security management.

[The third-generation trading system with the highest performance and strongest stability]
FAMEEX builds "ten groups of servers" to support the huge data processing needs of the exchange platform, and realizes large-scale real-time order processing through "distributed order processing technology". In order to ensure the 24-hour uninterrupted operation of the platform, FAMEEX parallels four matching engines at the same time, and the throughput can reach 50,000 times per second. In extreme cases, the platform can still operate normally.

[Bank-level risk control management system]
FAMEEX builds four major back-office systems: operating back-office, risk control back-office, financial back-office, and customer service back-office, covering all the functions required for the healthy operation of the exchange, and strengthening the security level of the platform through strict back-office closed-loop management. At the same time, FAMEEX has established a risk reserve mechanism and transparently manages platform data to realize real-time monitoring of the platform by users, allowing users to trade with confidence.

[24-hour all-weather user service experience]
FAMEEX builds an all-weather, fast-response customer service system, supports multi-country and multi-language services, and is equipped with special technical and professional customer service in the financial field. At the same time, the FAMEEX operation and maintenance team monitors the health of the system online 24 hours a day, manually troubleshoots faults, and solves user problems.

Platform advantage
"Turbo" Match
Expert design
Million-level performance self-developed engine
"Vault" Protection
Multi-tier distributed architecture
Bank-level professional security protection
"Professional" Team
Globalization consultant
Rich experience in digital asset operations
"Global" Community
Partner mechanism
Community & platform co-governance
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