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How to Set up Withdrawal Security Address (App)
2022/05/26 14:39:40

1. Open the FAMEEX App and click the profile icon on the top of the screen.

2. Choose [Security].

3. Click [Whitelisted Withdraw].

4. Turn on the [Whitelisted Withdrawal Address] then [Send Code]. Please timely enter the SMS code sent to your registered mobile or email to the system and [Submit].

5. Add your address and MEMO (If needed). After all address information is filled, click [Submit].

7. Your Withdrawal Security Address has been added successfully.


1. When turning on/off or adding/deleting your Withdrawal Security Address feature, you will need to [Send Code] to your registered mobile or email to proceed.

2. Each token can only be added to 4 addresses and every account can only be added to a maximum of 20 addresses. Your security address can't be added again.

3. Please be noted that an incorrect Withdrawal Security Address can lead to an irretrievable loss in your assets

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