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Price Index Calculation Rules
2022/03/04 20:23:17

Please check our tutorial video to help you solve your problems or understand more regarding related topics.

If you would like to know more details, please read the whole article below.


Here is our tutorial video:

The Price Index for U-Futures trading is weighted average based on the latest spot transaction prices of multiple exchanges on the market, and calculates the index price. The Price Index for U-Futures contracts derived prices from Binance, Huobi, OKEx, FAMEEX and Bitfinex.

The system will take the last spot price from the first 4 exchange platforms, which weighted 25% for each exchange.

Sample data sampling: Get the latest price of the exchange in the table via the API every 1 seconds.

Calculation formula is as follows:


  • WPi is the weighted average price index for Token I
  • Pij is the latest spot transaction prices of Token i of exchange j
  • Wj is the weight of exchange j 

Exponential exception handling:

1. When the price of a certain exchange deviates more than ±3% from the median price of the sample price, the price will be adjusted. The maximum is +3% from the median price and the minimum is -3% from the median price.

2. If a certain exchange fails to obtain market data, the price at that point in time will be calculated based on the latest valid price obtained from the back-up platform.

3. When multiple exchanges fail to obtain, the price will be calculated based on the remaining exchanges to obtain a new weight.

4. If the failed exchange is restored to normal in just 10 mins, it will be calculated again for the weight of this exchange.

Given the objective difference in various data sources, there might be huge volatility in the price if the above situation happens to stimulate the Price Index adjustment and enhance higher risk for traders. Please be cautious in advance for your investment.

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