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Rules of U-Futures Trading
2022/03/04 20:23:18

Please check our tutorial video to help you solve your problems or understand more regarding related topics.

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Here is our tutorial video:

1. General Rules

In order to standardize the U-Future contract trades, maintain market order, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, these rules were formulated in accordance with the principles of fairness, openness, and impartiality. If there are no provisions in these rules, the FAMEEX Terms of Use and other relevant regulations of FAMEEX shall apply.


2. Definition

U-Future Trading is a perpetual contract as a digital futures contract counted and settled in USDT. There is no need to hold other digital currency but only with USDT to trade. In your U-futures contract account, your only asset is USDT. There is no expiration or settlement date and the trading price is anchored to the reference index price by the funding mechanism.


3. Trading Time

The U-futures contracts trade transactions 24/7 per hour. It will be calculated every 8 hours at 00:00 SGT; 08:00 SGT and 16:00 SGT for all U-futures perpetual contracts. During the settlement time, our system will postpone trading until our system delivers and settle the process accordingly until further notice.

4. Trading Types

The trading types of U-Futures Contract can be divided into opening and closing positions. Each type can be further divided into two directions, long and short.

Open long position means that traders buy a certain number of contracts when the traders predict the market go upwards. When the orders are executed, their long positions will increase.

Close long position means that traders exit the market by offsetting owned buying contracts when the traders think the market tends to go downwards. When the orders are executed, their long positions will decrease.

Open short position means that traders sell a certain number of contracts when assuming the market is bearish. When the transaction is concluded, short positions will increase.

Close short position means that traders exit the market by offsetting the selling contract held currently when the index is not bearish. When the transaction is concluded, short positions will decrease.

5. Leverage

U-futures Trading supports 10x, 20x and higher leverage respectively. Before opening position, you need to select the leverage. If the user is having any open positions and  no pending orders, the user can switch the current leverage of the futures.

For example, the leverage of BTC U-futures contracts is 20 times. Users only need to have 10 USDT as a margin to open long/short positions with a maximum value of 200 USDT as BTC contract position, which will bring more profits.

6. Margin

U-Futures trading is a contract that guarantees position.Traders need to keep a certain percentage of its fund as a maintenance margin, which applies to both cross margin and isolated margin.

(1) Cross Position and Cross Margin

Under the cross margin, the assets in your account will be all considered as margin amounts, and the profit and loss by all contracts will be used as the contract's position margin.

Position margin = Position X Mark Price / Leverage 

For example, if trader A has 2 BTC position and ETH position of U-Futures contracts in cross margin at the same time, all assets will be considered as margin for these 2 positions. The liquidation will happen only when the position loss triggers 100% risk rate of the overall margin balance for both BTC and ETH positions.

(2) Isolated Position and Isolated Margin

Under the isolated margin, users can hold positions in both directions, and the margin of each position is calculated independently for the margin balance, also for the risks of loss and profits.

Position margin = Position X Open Price / Leverage - Transaction Fee + Isolated Fund

For example, if trader B has 2 BTC position and ETH position of U-Futures contracts in isolated margin at the same time. The liquidation of BTC contract will happen only when the position loss triggers 100% risk rate and only loses the margin for BTC position. It will not affect ETH position of A-Futures contract.

(3) Maintenance Margin

Maintenance margin is the minimum percentage of margin for traders to keep their current position. If your margin is lower than the current required maintenance margin, it will trigger the 100% risk rate and liquidation.

Maintenance Margin of Cross Margin Balance = Account Balance + Unrealized PNL of Cross Margin - Isolated Margin

Maintenance Margin of Isolated Margin Balance = Isolated Margin + Unrealized PNL of Isolated Margin

7. Liquidation and Liquidation Fee

After opening a position, liquidation and auto deleveraging position occurs when the maintenance margin is lower than the current required maintenance margin. After the liquidation process, the user's remaining balance of corresponding position will be retrieved by our platform as liquidation fee if there is no bankruptcy price. When the position cannot be liquidated at a price that is better than the bankruptcy price and our insurance fund will cover the contract loss.

8. Supplementary Provisions

(1) Users need to sign the FAMEEX U-Futures Contract Trade Agreement ahead of time. Then users will be eligible to start trading.

(2) The FAMEEX platform does not guarantee any revenue or profit on our U-Futures contract trading. U-futures contract is an extremely high risk financial instrument. Please make your investments very cautiously. Users should self-assess any possible losses within an affordable range. FAMEEX will not be responsible for any investment losses.

(3) These rules are formulated by the FAMEEX platform and are effective after the announcement to all platform investors, the same applies to modifications.

(4) The FAMEEX platform has the sole discretion of interpreting these rules.

(5) These rules are effective immediately.

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