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Support CenterNewsE-Commerce King to Blockchain Giant? AWS Found Recruiting More Digital Assets Specialists
E-Commerce King to Blockchain Giant? AWS Found Recruiting More Digital Assets Specialists
2021/11/04 17:49:55

Amazon delves into the emerging blockchain industry by hiring more experts. The American multinational E-Commerce giant first was found recruiting blockchain and digital currency experts this past summer and now is hunting for another principal digital assets specialist who can “help drive adoption across the global digital asset community” as described in the job listing.

One of the ‘Big Five’ tech companies, Amazon, has shown signs of interest in cryptocurrency solutions and blockchain technology for quite some time now. For instance, on May 26, 2020, the company patented a “distributed ledger certification” protocol. In February 2021, the e-commerce giant posted a job listing for a software development manager to lead a blockchain pilot project located in Mexico, alongside Amazon’s “Digital and Emerging Payments” division.

This past June, the company’s employment portal said Amazon was seeking a blockchain expert in order to create “business use cases across decentralized finance (defi).” The following month, it was revealed Amazon published an employment advertisement for the e-commerce firm’s Payments Acceptance & Experience team. At the time, Amazon’s listing sought “an experienced product leader to develop Amazon’s digital currency and blockchain strategy and product roadmap.”

Now Amazon Web Services (AWS) is hiring a “principal digital assets specialist” in New York to lead the firm’s fintech team. The job posting was published on October 30, and at the time of writing, there have been 26 applicants so far. AWS is hoping for someone with seven or more years of fintech business development and an individual with “exposure to distributed ledger or blockchain technologies.”

“You will work directly with some of our most strategic customers [including] leading global financial institutions and innovative fintechs,” the AWS digital assets specialist job listing states. “Helping them drive change at the most senior levels (CIOs, CDOs, Line of Business leaders) as they transform the way they transact digital assets (ex. cryptocurrencies, CBDCs, [stablecoins], security-backed tokens, asset-backed tokens and NFTs) from price discovery to execution, settlement and custody,” the listing description adds.

While Amazon has been on the hunt for digital currency experts and blockchain tech leads, a slew of other well known firms have been searching for the same type of talent. This month the social news aggregation and discussion website, Reddit published an ad seeking a senior engineer for a platform that features “NFT-backed digital goods.”

After Reddit’s job listing, the video game retail giant Gamestop published a similar employment listing seeking a senior engineer for blockchain NFT platform.

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