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How to complete identity verification (KYC)?
2022/08/10 12:19:55

Solve your problems and learn more about related topics through our tutorial video: 

For web users:

For APP users:

Read the whole article below for more details.

On the website:

1. Primary Verification

 (1) Log in to your FAMEEX account and access [Basic] through [User Center].

(2)  In [Basic], please find [Identification] and click [Primary].

Reminder: You will be required to bind your mobile and email before proceeding to verify your either Primary or Advanced KYC.

(3)  Select your "Nationality" and follow the instructions to submit all the personal information and documents required such as a passport and a photo. 


1) You will need to take a document selfie - showing the front of ID and write “FAMMEX and today’s date” on a piece of paper.

2) It may take approx. 2 hours to process your primary KYC. If you haven’t heard from us in that time, please contact our customer support.

2. Advanced Verification

(1) In [Basic], please find [Identification] and click [Advanced].

(2) Scan the QR code via your mobile. It will then direct you to the advanced verification page.

(3) Follow the instructions, take a selfie, and record a phrase as requested.

On the FAMMEX app:

1. Primary Verification 

(1) Open the FAMEEX app - Tap [User Center] in the upper left corner.

(2) Tap [Identification].

(3) Tap  “Primary” to proceed with primary verification.

(4) Choose your Nationality.

(5) Fill in the information required and upload the documents requested. Once you’ve done all the information required, please tap “Submit”.

(6) If you have filled in all the information required, you will then see the “submit successful” message. The KYC verification will take up to 2 hours. 

2. Advanced Verification

(1) Once your Primary KYC has been verified, you will see the “Advanced” in [Identification]. Please tap “Advanced” to proceed with your advanced KYC verification.

(2) Please follow the instructions and take a selfie video.  Please make sure that your face from the camera is clearly visible.

(3)  Please record a selfie video, reading the numbers shown on the screen. The length of the video requires at least 3-5 seconds. After your recording is submitted, it may take approximately 2 hours for approval of your Advanced KYC. 

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