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How to Complete Enterprise Verification? (App)

How to Complete Enterprise Verification? (App)

2023/10/26 12:12:45

Please reach out to our official customer service email ( to submit your application for enterprise verification before proceeding. If you already have access to the enterprise verification channel, please follow the steps to complete the verification.


1. Log in to your account on the FameEX App and tap the icon in the upper left corner of the Home page to enter.



2. Tap “Identification”.



3. Tap “Verify” to enter the enterprise verification page.



4. Fill in the required information, including basic information about the registered company, the source of funds, relevant documents with company seal that the company agrees to activate a business account, certificate from a senior executive, etc. And then tap “Submit”.



5. Please note that the results will be sent to your email and kindly wait patiently. You can follow the result on the Identification page as well.

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