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FAMEEX Global BD Partner Reward Program
2022/04/24 18:40:55

Dear FAMEEX user:

FAMEEX as an infrastructure application in a decentralized world, committed to building a blockchain industry ecology that integrates technology research and development, industrial research, open platform, investment, and information.

Now, FAMEEX officially launches the “Global BD Partner Reward Program”, we sincerely invite more blockchain enthusiasts such as community owners, media influencers, industry KOLs and professional organizations to join us and build FAMEEX with us. Trade Ecology, expand the influence of FAMEEX, and jointly enjoy the industry dividends brought by the rapid growth of FAMMEX!

I. Requirements

1. Discuss with the official Team of the Project.

2. Determine the Project Meets the Following Conditions:

①Project information and contact information must be true and valid

②The Project has no policy and legal risk

③Ranked in top 800 on CMC

II. Global BD Partner Position Specifications

①Global BD Partner should actively promote FAMEEX in the community, promote the market acquisition of FAMEEX, and guide them in time if there is any negative public opinion.

②Businesses of Global BD Partner should be carried out within the scope permitted by law.

III. Rewards

Based on the Project's ranking on CoinMarketCap, the Global BD Partner will be rewarded as follows after the Project is successfully listed on FAMEEX.


Project Ranking on CoinMarketCap


TOP 300

1,000 USDT


800 USDT


500 USDT

IV. Time

Program Duration : 2022.4.22  00:00 - 2022.12.31  23:59  (UTC+8)

V. Application

Fill this form :


Welcome to join the FAMEEX family! We will continue to provide you with better products and better service!


24 April 2022

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