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FAMEEX Sent a Congratulatory Message
2022/03/08 18:01:35

After experiencing the continuous clearing of market bubbles and the maturity of technology, blockchain technology is gradually washing away the dust.

According to incomplete statistics from the Gyro Research Institute, from October 24, 2019 to September 1, 2020, about 345 new blockchain technology application projects worldwide were disclosed. After combing and interviewing the data, a reporter from Securities Daily found that in the past year, Internet giants represented by Ant Group, Tencent Financial Technology, JD Digital, and Immediate Consumer have their own emphasis on the development and application of blockchain technology. All have achieved certain results in the implementation.

Liu Bin, director of the Financial Research Office of the China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone Research Institute, told a reporter from the Securities Daily, “In recent years, my country’s exploration in the field of blockchain has been relatively rational. With the continuous construction of blockchain infrastructure, various With the promotion of large-scale Baas services of large Internet companies, the implementation of the blockchain service network BSN in various node cities, and the support of local governments at all levels, the application of blockchain will continue to accelerate."

Ant chain

The amount of "chained" exceeded 100 million times a day

In the past year, the technical strength of AntChain under the Ant Group began to explode. As one of the earliest blockchain research teams, the Ant blockchain team has made breakthroughs in core technologies such as consensus mechanisms, high concurrent transaction processing, smart contracts, trusted computing, privacy protection, cross-chain interaction, and security mechanisms. , Especially to explore more in helping small and medium-sized enterprises and public welfare.

According to the latest data provided by Ant Group to reporters from Securities Daily, in terms of technology, AntChain has maintained the number one position in the number of global patent applications for four consecutive years; in application, AntChain has helped solve more than 50 practical scenarios. In terms of business, AntChain currently "chains" more than 100 million times a day.

In April this year, Ant Chain officially launched the "Open Consortium Chain" for small and medium-sized enterprises. SME developers can develop related blockchain applications like building blocks based on the Ant Open Alliance Chain, and build the future of the digital economy together with the Ant blockchain. This move means that the "open consortium chain" has officially moved from public beta to commercialization.

According to Jin Ge, general manager of the Ant Blockchain Platform Product Department, introduced to a reporter from the Securities Daily that the "open consortium chain" of Ant Chain can reduce the threshold for enterprise blockchain development from one million to one thousand yuan, and shorten the chain construction time to The fastest is 1 minute. It is understood that dozens of solutions have been deposited on the open alliance chain, covering scenarios such as supply chain finance, logistics, and charity.

Chen Wen, director of the Digital Economy Research Center of the School of Finance, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, told a reporter from the Securities Daily, “In terms of blockchain scenario application and technology research and development, leading Internet companies are indeed in a leading position, whether it is the acquisition of related patents or specific The development of application scenarios. In fact, the implementation of blockchain application scenarios has also laid the foundation for subsequent financial technology services."

Tencent blockchain assistance

The four major government information exchange platforms are online

Tencent Financial Technology is using blockchain technology to lead the digital transformation in the field of “blockchain + taxation”. In May 2018, the Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau and Tencent jointly established an "intelligent tax" innovation laboratory to jointly explore the path to tax informatization innovation.

According to the data provided to the reporters of the Securities Daily, as of late October this year, the Shenzhen blockchain electronic invoice supported by the Tencent blockchain provided the underlying technology. 20,000 companies have registered on the chain, covering 116 detailed industries. , Has issued more than 33 million invoices.

After the blockchain electronic invoice, Tencent blockchain and the Shenzhen Taxation Bureau further explore more "blockchain + tax" applications. In November 2019 and January, May and July 2020, the "Shenzhen Four Departments Information Exchange Platform", "Natural Person Information Sharing Intelligence Platform", "Tax-Industry Alliance Chain" and "Blockchain Bankruptcy Affairs Handling Linkage Cloud" were launched successively in November 2019 Platform", the two parties have jointly established a national benchmark position in the innovative application of "blockchain + tax". As of the end of July this year, nearly 10,000 companies have settled in the "tax-industry" alliance chain, covering upstream and downstream industries in the industrial chain such as new energy, electronics, smart hardware, construction, and decoration.

Regarding the implementation of various application scenarios of the blockchain in the past year, Xia Ping, a member of the Blockchain Special Committee of the China Computer Society, believes that the application scenarios of the current domestic blockchain can be divided into government-led and commercial scenarios. The latter is mainly concentrated in the own ecosystem of large technology companies, such as Ant, Tencent, JD, etc. "From the perspective of the development status of the entire industry, each company needs to pay attention to the development of cross-chain technology when implementing the alliance chain. Otherwise, the blockchain will only shrink the "data island" deeper and deeper."

JD Digital Focuses on R&D

For companies and government affairs

It is reported that JD has always adhered to the strategic layout and investment in blockchaintechnology for enterprises and government affairs with China's independent intellectual property rights.

In the past year, JD Digital's electronic contract application scenarios have achieved remarkable results. Relying on the blockchain electronic contract application launched by the "Zhizhen Chain" digital certificate platform, the original paper contract signed by both parties has been completed for approximately 25%. The cost of yuan was reduced to less than 5 yuan, and the contract time was shortened from 4 days to 20 minutes. The latest data shows that the Zhizhen Chain electronic contract platform has provided more than one million contract signings to JD internal and ecological partners, and will gradually expand to hundreds of millions of electronic contract signing scenarios every year.

Recently, JD Digital has also reached a blockchain electronic contract cooperation with Xiamen International Trade (6.870, 0.02, 0.29%) Group Co., Ltd. to jointly build a new digital signing model in the trade field, serving the textile, oil and Chemical and other business sectors.

Future blockchain application

Huge potential in the financial sector

Liu Bin commented that “Internet giants integrate cloud services and blockchain functions while building blockchain infrastructure, and actively explore the application scenarios of blockchain in various fields. Among them, the financial sector has attracted much attention.”

Mentioned the application prospects of blockchain in the financial field, financial institutions with both Internet and technology attributes-immediate consumption is very representative. In addition to actively promoting the implementation of typical applications of secure computing and electronic deposits among institutions and groups, "Consumption Now" also used blockchain technology to issue two ABSs, reducing the cost of issuance.

Looking to the future, Liu Bin said that the application scenarios of blockchain technology will continue to expand, and the financial sector is definitely a key area, especially in the areas of supply chain finance, trade finance, clearing and settlement, and digital currency. More application cases will appear. There will be more breakthroughs in some key technical aspects of the blockchain, such as interoperability, scalability, transaction speed, on-chain and off-chain collaboration, consensus algorithms, etc., especially in the construction and popularization of infrastructure. The accelerated application of the block chain is more driving force.

Xia Ping believes: "The blockchain application scenario should be a situation where multiple actors participate. It is market-led and guided by the government. Large technology companies, science and technology companies and licensed financial institutions each perform their duties and each have their own existence. Space."

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