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Support CenterNewsFAMEEX sent a congratulatory message
FAMEEX sent a congratulatory message
2022/03/08 18:01:35

The inaugural meeting of the central enterprise blockchain cooperation innovation platform jointly initiated by the State Grid E-commerce Company and more than 20 central enterprises was held in Beijing a few days ago. It is reported that the platform is positioned to build a central enterprise blockchain service network and build a new format of the blockchain industry.

According to reports, central enterprises have aggressively entered the blockchain industry in the past year. In terms of core technology research, 17 central enterprises represented by State Grid and Aerospace Science and Industry have deployed blockchain patents in various industries, and the number of patent applications reached 675; in terms of standard system construction, central enterprises initiated the establishment of multiple blockchains The Standardization Technical Committee, which develops international and domestic blockchain standards, is committed to seizing the right to formulate rules in the blockchain industry; in terms of application scenario innovation, central enterprises represented by China Electronics, CRRC, and State Grid are involved in multiple industry sectors Build a blockchain public service platform and accelerate the development of blockchain technology innovation to empower the real economy.

"Blockchain builds a new type of social trust mechanism. Its core capability lies in the connection of the entire industry chain. The establishment of a central enterprise blockchain service network will promote data sharing, optimize business processes, reduce operating costs, improve collaboration efficiency, and build infrastructure. Credit system and other aspects play a significant role.” said Yan Huafeng, chairman of the state-owned enterprise blockchain cooperative innovation platform, chairman of the State Grid E-commerce company, and party committee secretary.

Yan Huafeng said that my country's regional chain development is still facing problems such as loose industries, insufficient joint efforts, and repeated construction. In the next step, the state-owned enterprise blockchain innovation platform will face the country's major development needs, and continue to make efforts in strengthening top-level construction, highlighting overall leadership, integrating superior resources, promoting the extension of industrial credit value, and driving the common development of upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

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