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What is the Depth Merger

What is the Depth Merger

2021/09/23 20:37:15

Solve your problems and learn more about related topics through our tutorial video: 

What is the Depth Merger?


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An order book is a list of orders for a trading pair that are currently open for buy and sell, and the list is organized by price. Users can better analyze the market by using “Depth Merger” and observing the prices with great precision. The different tokens are different in the market prices; therefore, the standard of precision in integrating the prices by the platform would be different.


On the interface of spot trading, the numbers on [Order Book] can be found. Please Select [0.01] to switch your preferred unit.

The image below is a snapshot of the depth merger of the BTC/USDT. If you switch from [0.01] to [0.1], the list of order books will be merged and shown as below:

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