How to Buy Stellar Lumens (XLM) on FAMEEX

How to Buy Stellar Lumens (XLM) on FAMEEX

2022/03/09 16:54:10

How to Buy Stellar Lumens on FAMEEX

Stellar’s partnership with IBM signals a start to the setting up of multiple currency corridors among nations in the South Pacific. With a goal of processing up to 60 percent of all cross-border payments in the region, this includes countries like Australia, Fiji, and Tonga. This would enable connections between small businesses, individuals, and local banking institutions to make quicker transactions.

With such a promising future for Stellar, buying lumens (XLM) would be a favourable investment. FAMEEX is the leading cryptocurrency exchange in Australia to buy lumens.

Buy Stellar Lumens With Credit Card or PayPal

How do you buy Stellar lumens (XLM)? FAMEEX is one the few exchange platforms that support multiple cryptocurrencies, including Stellar lumens. Credit or debit cards can be used to directly purchase Stellar lumens on FAMEEX. Our exchange platform is great for both beginners and the more experienced traders, offering an amazing user interface and user experience to optimise your cryptocurrency trading experience.

To get started buying XLM with your credit card, simply open an account with us. After registering your card details with us, you can easily purchase, trade and sell XLM along with other cryptocurrencies. Your card details and personal information are safely secured by our premium security system. Start your journey with Stellar lumens and diversify your portfolio!

Buying Stellar Lumens With PayPal

As of 2020, PayPal has expanded its service to allow for its users to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrency. Currently, PayPal only supports 4 types of cryptocurrencies. You would need to buy either Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash, and exchange them for Stellar lumens on other exchange platforms.

FAMEEX is one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges that supports PayPal as a form of payment. This means that you can link your PayPal account to your FAMEEX account and purchase lumens (XLM) directly through PayPal on our exchange platform! It is extremely easy and quick to buy and hold lumens on our exchange. There will be minimal delays and risks thanks to the latest and most secure technology that we have to safeguard your confidential information and digital assets.

You can easily buy Stellar lumens with USD or AUD on our FAMEEX platform. Download our FAMEEX app or register for a free account on our website.

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