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BIGTIME Gaming Token Increased By 60% After Support Announcements From Several Exchanges

2023-10-12 15:28:00

BIGTIME gaming token debut. The BIGTIME team is made up of members of various established video game studios. As early as 2021, it had investments totaling tens of millions of dollars.


Development team, which includes employees from conventional game firms, has secured a large investment. BIGTIME will be supported by Big USA exchange as an Ethereum network ERC-20 token. If the liquidity requirements are satisfied, trading will start. The price of the BIGTIME gaming coin has increased by around 60% since the launch of platforms; it is currently trading at approximately $0.111. 

For those who don't know, Big Time uses a play-to-earn approach instead of a pay-to-win strategy, guaranteeing an equitable and based on merit playing experience. Furthermore, Big Time Studios has a talented team of developers that comprises blockchain innovators and specialists in the field. Big Time's easy to use Ultimate Vault system, which makes NFT trading inside the game simple, reduces the entry hurdle for gamers who are not blockchain enthusiasts.

What Is Exactly BIGTIME?

Adventurous role-playing game on the web Big Time anticipates going online in the first week of October after a year-long testing process. Big Time intends to provide a free-to-play environment to its sizable audience with the kind of shoddy pay-to-win elements that have plagued other cryptocurrency-centric games. Big Time's creators, including the previous chief executive officer of the Ethereum-based online world Decentraland and multiple previous AAA game designers, relate to its player-owned economy, which means that players can vessel, trade, or loot electronic gadgets and collectibles in the form of not-fungible tokens (NFTs), powered by a native major cryptocurrency, as they study historic nations and dystopian futures.

According to Michael Migliero, the executive in charge of marketing at Big Time Studios, the game's native $BIGTIME tokens aren't created just as a function of playtime but instead depend on ability and the wise use of assets, creating a based on merit in-game ecosystem.

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