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FAMEEX Daily Highlights | Sam Bankman-Fried is ‘under supervision’ in Bahamas

2022-11-14 18:20:15

Top Trending Crypto News Today

Revolution at Serum DEX as Solana Devs Plot Alameda's Ouster
DeFi developers are now rushing to create a new version of Serum that they can govern without fear of interference – or influence – from FTX. “The hack shows that someone malevolent has access to private keys at FTX,” said the pseudonymous Rooter, a developer on the lending protocol Solend that gets token price data from Serum. He is one of three DeFi developers who said they fear Serum’s keys could be compromised, too.

Ark Invest CEO Warns Fed's Actions Could Lead to 1929-Like Great Depression
Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood, who is also the investment management firm’s founder and CIO, shared her thoughts in a series of tweets. "The Federal Reserve responded by raising interest rates less than two-fold from 4.6% to 7% in 1919-1920." Inflation then dropped “precipitously in one year to negative 15% in June 1921,” Wood said, noting that “the Fed lowered interest rates from 7% in May 1921 to 4% in July 1922, tripping the switch for the Roaring Twenties.”

Bahamas Police Are Investigating Potential 'Criminal Misconduct' by FTX
"In light of the collapse of FTX globally and the provisional liquidation of FTX Digital Markets Ltd., a team of financial investigators from the Financial Crimes Investigation Branch are working closely with the Bahamas Securities Commission to investigate if any criminal misconduct occurred." FTX moved its headquarters last September from Hong Kong to the crypto-friendly Bahamas. Bankman-Fried said at the time that the Caribbean tax haven had more regulatory clarity than the Asian city and was a better spot to do business.

Sam Bankman-Fried is ‘under supervision’ in Bahamas, looking to flee to Dubai
“Trusted sources” have witnessed Bankman-Fried “in a locked space” with authorities in Albany Tower — a luxury resort located in New Providence in The Bahamas. An unverified rumor also suggests that Bankman-Fried is currently joined by his father, Joseph Bankman. Later in the day, Bankman-Fried in a text message to Reuters denied speculation that he had fled to Argentina, claiming that he was still in The Bahamas.

Daily Crypto Market Analysis - Growing and Forecast 

Yesterday, $56.5 Million of longs were liquidated on the entire network, and $27.99 Million of shorts were liquidated. The net liquidations was $28.51 Million of longs. Short-term long and short orders have shrunk, and the market direction is not yet clear.

Compared with yesterday, the fear index rose to 24, below the watershed of 30, which means that investor confidence has not yet returned, and the follow-up development still needs to be observed in the short term.

The value of Bitcoin Ahr999 is 0.28 today, which is below the support (0.45) and the fixed investment line (1.2).

All three major U.S. stock indexes rose on Friday, with the Dow up 0.1%, the S&P 500 up 0.92%, and the Nasdaq the strongest, up 1.88%. Most cryptocurrencies fell yesterday, BTC fell -2.6%, ETH fell -2.68%, and TWT was the strongest, soaring 51.4%.

The G20 summit will be held in Indonesia tomorrow and the next two days. The United States and China will meet before the summit. This is the first face-to-face meeting between the two since Biden took office. It is expected to discuss issues such as the Taiwan Strait and the Russian-Ukrainian war. Biden emphasized, It will draw a red line on US-China relations and will not make any concessions and compromises.

The US stock market earnings season is coming to an end, but there are still several heavyweight companies that will report earnings and release outlooks this week, including NVIDIA (NVDA-US), which has been affected by the recent consumer electronics boom, and data center equipment giant Cisco ( CSCO-US), in addition to a series of retail stocks such as Target (TGT-US), Home Depot (HD-US), Macy's (M-US), Lowe's (LOW-US), etc.

Most of the mainstream currencies fell yesterday, ranging from -8.5% to 51.4%. Among them, QNT was the weakest, falling by -8.5%, and TWT was the strongest, rising 51.4%. While BTC fell -2.6%, ETH fell -2.68%.

Looking at BTC in 4-hour candles, affected by the recent FTX event, the price showed a weak consolidation after breaking the medium and long-term support MA99. 

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