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FameEX Hot Topics | FIFA Launches AI-Enabled Mobile Game for World Cup Soccer, and NFTs are on the Horizon

2023-04-04 11:43:15

Altered State Machine, a Web3 AI firm, has developed a mobile game called FIFA World Cup AI League. The game is currently available on Android, with an iOS launch planned for the near future. The open beta of the game is an expanded version of the World Cup prediction game, which was launched back in November. While the FIFA World Cup AI League does not have any famous soccer stars like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, who have both signed marketing and sponsorship deals with crypto industry companies, the game has a unique feature that sets it apart from other soccer games. The game's AI technology enables it to simulate the actual gameplay of real-world soccer matches.

FIFA, the international governing body of soccer and the organization behind the World Cup, has been making efforts to enter the world of cryptocurrency. The organization enlisted a crypto sponsor for the 2022 World Cup and launched an NFT platform. It has also partnered with other Web3 game studios for World Cup-themed integrations. The FIFA World Cup AI League game offers players a chance to predict the outcomes of upcoming soccer matches using AI technology. The game also features various leagues, tournaments, and cups for players to participate in. Players can form their own teams and compete against other players from around the world.

The game's AI technology is the core of the FIFA World Cup AI League. It allows the game to simulate real-world soccer matches, which means players can experience the excitement of a live match from the comfort of their own device. The game's developers claim that the AI technology is capable of predicting the outcomes of matches with a high degree of accuracy. The FIFA World Cup AI League is an example of how Web3 technology can be used to create innovative and engaging gaming experiences. With the popularity of soccer and the growing interest in cryptocurrency, the game has the potential to attract a large audience of players from around the world. The game's developers are hoping to capitalize on this potential by launching the game on iOS soon.

In conclusion, the FIFA World Cup AI League is a unique mobile game that combines the excitement of soccer with the cutting-edge technology of AI. The game's developers have leveraged the growing interest in cryptocurrency and Web3 technology to create a game that offers players a chance to experience the thrill of soccer in a new and innovative way. With an iOS launch on the horizon, the game has the potential to attract a large audience of players and become a major player in the world of mobile gaming.

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