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The State of the Cryptocurrency Market in 2023

2022-12-28 15:16:40

The resident experts from Cointelegraph discuss what to anticipate from the cryptocurrency market in 2019 in this week's episode of The Market Report.

The resident experts at Cointelegraph discuss what investors might anticipate from the cryptocurrency industry in 2023 this week on The Market Report. Will the current bear market continue, or will a bull market start to emerge? What initiatives may cause a stir in 2023 is another topic up for debate?


This week's episode kicks off with the most recent market news:

Beware of these 4 "Growing Narratives" in cryptocurrency: a trading business
Steven Goulden, a senior research analyst at the cryptocurrency trading business Cumberland, has identified numerous "green shoots" that might emerge in the cryptocurrency market in 2023, despite an eventful year full of crypto crashes and price declines. Be sure to pay attention as our experts discuss the industries that might see growth in 2023.

Christmas market thoughts expressed by the cryptocurrency community: "No Santa rally."

The markets turned out to be stable as many people spent the holidays, disappointing traders who were hoping for a rebound around Christmas. A member of the community raised the possibility that the controversy surrounding centralized exchanges was to blame for the lack of progress. Were you, like many others, hoping for a Santa rally?

As people forget, withdrawals from bitcoin exchanges reach a 7-month low.
This Christmas, according to research, Bitcoin exchange customers have completely forgotten about the FTX debacle. Glassnode, a company that does on-chain monitoring, reports that exchange outflows have now reached their lowest levels in more than six months. BTC withdrawals from exchange wallets have completely reversed the climb, which started roughly six weeks ago, after seeing an extraordinary surge in the wake of the FTX crisis. Are individuals once again holding their money on exchanges because they feel too comfortable doing so? Really, should everyone switch to offline storage?

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