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Yat Siu Discusses The Potential Future For AI-Driven NPCs

2023-12-25 17:02:45

With the current availability of AI integration tools for game developers, Yat Siu, the co-founder of Animoca Brands, anticipates the emergence of more sophisticated nonplayer characters by 2024.  


These NPCs might eventually operate solely on artificial intelligence and potentially have perpetual existence across various games and on blockchain platforms. Yat Siu, the co-founder of Animoca Brands, has forecasted advancements in this direction, though acknowledging that achieving this goal might be a few years down the line. Siu is optimistic about gamers witnessing the initial stages of this innovation by 2024. Siu elaborated to Cointelegraph stating that games are gearing up to offer unique interactions with NPCs. Some grassroots and collaborative initiatives have introduced game modifications that enable players to engage with NPCs by connecting their characters to AI-driven platforms capable of formulating responses and generating voice outputs.

While these initiatives are still in their early stages, they empower NPCs to react and display facial animations in response to player interactions. Major technology corporations are also delving into this domain. For instance, NVIDIA unveiled its ACE for Games tool in May, designed to equip game developers with AI-driven natural language processing capabilities for NPCs. In a collaboration last November, Microsoft's gaming division, Xbox, joined forces with Inworld AI to introduce a toolkit tailored for game developers, facilitating the crafting of dynamically-generated narratives, missions, and dialogues within video games.

Siu highlighted a study from Stanford University in April, wherein 25 AI entities were placed in a virtual community. These entities engaged in social activities and held seemingly substantial discussions, leading the research team to determine that the AI showcased convincingly human-like behaviors. Siu further emphasized that for an AI-driven NPC on a blockchain to be sustainable, it would need mechanisms to support itself financially, especially concerning its data-related expenses. Gamers have the capability to direct the in-game AI to manage the repetitive tasks, commonly referred to as grinding, in numerous video games. This enables the AI to autonomously handle tasks like crafting or gathering specific items essential for advancing to higher levels within the game.

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