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ARB (Arbitrum) Token Price & Latest Live Chart
2023-08-07 16:24:16
0.8907 USDT

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What is ARB (Arbitrum)?

Arbitrum is an Ethereum layer-two scaling solution developed by Offchain Labs, which focuses on enhancing transaction speed, scalability, and cost-efficiency using optimistic rollups. As an Ethereum-based layer-2 solution, it is designed to maintain compatibility with Ethereum while offering improved performance and security. Arbitrum supports the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which allows for seamless integration with decentralized applications (DApps) on the Ethereum network.

In comparison to Ethereum's 14 transactions per second, Arbitrum boasts an impressive 40,000 TPS, while significantly reducing transaction costs from several dollars to approximately two cents. This makes it an attractive venue for Ethereum users and developers seeking faster and more affordable transactions.

The native token of Arbitrum, ARB, plays a crucial role in decentralized governance by enabling token holders to vote on proposals related to network features, upgrades, and other aspects. On March 23, 2023, Arbitrum launched an airdrop of the ARB token and began its transition to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Arbitrum serves as a vital scaling solution to the Ethereum network, addressing the challenges of speed and cost while preserving decentralization, reliability, and compatibility with Ethereum's thriving DeFi ecosystem.

How does ARB (Arbitrum) work?

Arbitrum is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that employs Optimistic Rollups to significantly enhance throughput and reduce transaction fees. By moving the majority of computation and storage off-chain, Arbitrum aggregates multiple transactions into a single batch, which is then submitted to the Ethereum mainnet. This process assumes the validity of off-chain transactions, eliminating the need for proof-of-validity. 

In Arbitrum, transactions are placed in the chain's inbox, which are then processed by the system and result in a transaction receipt. Arbitrum utilizes optimistic rollups, which are a specific technique for compressing blockchain transactions. These rollups assume the transactions are valid, and any suspicious transactions can be contested through a dispute resolution mechanism.

Arbitrum's optimistic rollups are settled on a proprietary sidechain connected to the Ethereum main chain. The sidechain collects batches of transactions, settles them, and then feeds the transaction data back to the Ethereum blockchain ledger. Validators stake ETH and are incentivized to act honestly through the "AnyTrust Guarantee," which is achieved when all validators agree on the validity of transactions within a block.

ARB (Arbitrum) market price & tokenomics

The Arbitrum (ARB) token is the native governance token for the Arbitrum network. The tokenomics and market price of the ARB token can be understood in the context of the network's governance model, token utility, and emission schedule.

  • ・Utility: The primary utility of the ARB token is to enable community governance. ARB token holders have voting rights to influence protocol development, technology upgrades, and other key decisions on the Arbitrum network. The token allows for a decentralized governance model, with token holders voting for delegates who represent their interests in the Arbitrum DAO.

  • ・Inflation: The ARB token has a maximum annual inflation rate of 2%. This inflation is intended to incentivize participation in the network's governance and secure the ecosystem.

  • ・Distribution: The ARB token is claimable and mintable only on the Arbitrum One chain, ensuring a decentralized distribution mechanism that aligns with the platform's goals.

The token's utility includes decentralized governance, staking, and earning fees for securing the network. The total supply of ARB tokens is capped at 10 billion, with allocations distributed among the Arbitrum DAO treasury, Offchain Labs team, investors, airdrops to users, and DAOs.

As of now, ARB (Arbitrum) is ranked #39 by CoinMarketCap with market capitalization of $1,632,340,872 USD. The current circulating supply of ARB coins is 1,275,000,000.

Why do you invest in ARB (Arbitrum)?

Investing in ARB offers the potential for long-term growth due to Arbitrum's robust ecosystem, technical advantages, and ambitious roadmap. The platform's compatibility with Ethereum, scalability, flexibility, and decentralization make it a top contender among layer-two scaling solutions. Additionally, Arbitrum's vibrant ecosystem, which includes numerous DApps, wallets, tools, and partnerships, further bolsters its investment appeal.

Is ARB (Arbitrum) a good Investment?

Arbitrum (ARB) may be a good investment opportunity due to its innovative technology, strong fundamentals, and rapidly expanding ecosystem. As a leading Ethereum Layer 2 solution, Arbitrum has demonstrated continuous improvements, such as Arbitrum Nitro and Arbitrum Orbit, and has high total value locked (TVL) and compatibility with Ethereum-based applications. This could lead to sustained growth and increased utility, making ARB a potentially solid investment. However, it is crucial to note that thorough research and due diligence are essential when evaluating any investment opportunity.

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