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CHR (Chromia) Token Price & Latest Live Chart
2023-08-22 18:25:05
0.0955 USDT

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What is CHR (Chromia)?

Chromia (CHR) is an avant-garde blockchain platform built by ChromaWay, focusing on the evolution of decentralized applications (dApps). Recognizing the limitations of existing platforms that hinder scalability, Chromia pioneers a novel approach. It functions not only as a blockchain but also as a relational database, offering developers around the world a familiar and intuitive environment. This multifaceted approach permits the creation of various dApps, encompassing large-scale enterprise applications, games, and small-scale endeavors.

Chromia's inception was in response to the deficiencies observed in mainstream platforms such as Ethereum, which theoretically allow any kind of application but in practice are plagued by numerous constraints such as poor user experience, high fees, and lackluster security. Chromia's vision transcends these barriers by redefining blockchain architecture with dApps at its core. The strategic priorities include scalability for millions of users, enhanced user experience to match centralized applications, and an environment that facilitates secure development using conventional paradigms.

The technical design and features of Chromia are a testament to its innovation. It leverages the existing Postchain framework developed by ChromaWay, emphasizing a relational model for storing blockchain data and application states. This approach is renowned for its flexibility, versatility, and consistency. Furthermore, Chromia introduces a specialized programming language deeply integrated with the relational model, which augments programmer efficiency and ensures application robustness. Horizontal scaling is another distinctive feature, enabling individual blockchains for each dApp, thereby enhancing overall throughput.

A pivotal aspect of Chromia's architecture is its commitment to openness, transparency, and decentralization, in line with other public blockchains. Miners are supplanted by providers, owning nodes responsible for block production. The design aims to prevent centralization by ensuring that the number of colluding node providers required for control exceeds that of traditional public blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Chromia’s consensus is further strengthened by anchoring to a Proof of Work (PoW) blockchain, enhancing the security against any conceivable attack.

How does CHR (Chromia) work?

Chromia's unique functionality is embedded in its ability to place a blockchain within a database, augmented with a software layer that manages voting and consensus. Nodes, distributed across independent participants, are central to this system. Any request to write data is directed to a node, which then communicates it to others. Following a consensus among nodes, the data is written and logged on the blockchain. This intricate process epitomizes Chromia’s uniqueness as both an enterprise and an independent public blockchain.

Chromia's data storage utilizes a relational database, providing a rich tapestry of flexibility, versatility, and consistency. This ingenious approach makes Chromia compatible with Ethereum as a Layer 2, thereby accelerating and economizing development and transactions. Developers are empowered to craft a wide spectrum of applications using Rell, a novel programming language conceived by Chromia. Rell's efficiency and universality, rooted in SQL, have set new industry standards.

The practical applications of Chromia are far-reaching and tailored to high I/O capacity and complex data set management. The platform is uniquely positioned to host massive multiplayer online games (MMOGs), a field currently unattainable by existing blockchain platforms. By hosting entire game worlds, Chromia ensures their evolution according to predetermined rules and security against cheating. This capacity underscores Chromia's suitability for demanding and intricate dApps across various domains.

Chromia's relational blockchain platform extends beyond gaming into sectors like finance, real estate, healthcare, governance, and more. The diverse range of dApps currently on Chromia include multiplayer blockchain games, land registry systems, green bond verification platforms, decentralized options protocols, music streaming services, strategy games, digital asset custody solutions, and blockchain gaming projects. Chromia's expansive vision and robust technological foundation promise to redefine the way decentralized applications are developed and deployed.

CHR (Chromia) market price & tokenomics

Chromia's native token, CHR, has a capped max supply of 1 billion coins, established at the system's launch. The distribution of CHR includes 22% sold to investors, 10% allocated to the founders, team, and advisors, 38% to the Ecosystem Fund, and 25% to the Promotional Fund. The remaining portion is reserved for the System Node Compensation Pool and the Auto Conversion Contract. The tokens are gradually released into the circulating supply according to a release schedule that extends into 2025 and beyond. This strategic allocation ensures stability and growth in the CHR market. As of now, CHR (Chromia) is ranked #288 by CoinMarketCap with market capitalization of $72,046,245 USD. The current circulating supply of CHR coins is 686,549,902.

Why do you invest in CHR (Chromia)?

Investing in CHR offers an opportunity to participate in a revolutionary platform redefining the landscape of decentralized applications. Chromia's unique approach to scalability, user experience, and developer-friendly environment presents a compelling case for investors. By aligning with Chromia's vision, investors are positioned to benefit from the platform's expansion into various sectors such as gaming, real estate, finance, healthcare, and more.

Is CHR (Chromia) a good Investment?

Chromia (CHR) stands as a promising investment, given its pioneering role in blockchain technology and its dedication to overcoming the limitations of current platforms. Its unique relational model, tailored programming language, and horizontal scaling capabilities position it as a leader in the field. The versatility of its applications across various domains, coupled with a well-planned tokenomics strategy, signals strong potential for growth. As with any investment, careful consideration of the project's vision, technology, market trends, and individual investment goals should guide the decision-making process, but the fundamentals of Chromia make it a noteworthy consideration for investment.

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