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CYBER (CyberConnect) Token Price & Latest Live Chart
2023-09-15 18:31:40
5.166 USDT

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What is CYBER (CyberConnect)?

CyberConnect represents a groundbreaking evolution in the realm of social networking, designed with Web3 principles at its core. By blending decentralized and composable protocols, CyberConnect grants developers the necessary tools to create social applications where users not only own their digital identity but also their content, connections and monetization avenues.

The platform seeks to establish a more egalitarian digital realm where value is easily transacted between creators and their audience without the intervention of middlemen. This vision translates into a digital ecosystem free from undue censorship and opaque content moderation perpetuated by centralized entities. CyberConnect fosters an environment where creators enjoy unparalleled autonomy which it can be in terms of monetizing their creations or cultivating communities. For targeted users, this means reclaiming sovereignty over their digital profiles, thus obliterating the boundaries and lock-in effects synonymous with proprietary platforms. CyberConnect's ambitious endeavor revolves around confronting and resolving a plethora of issues plaguing modern-day social platforms:

  • Data Exploitation: By transferring data ownership rights back to users, CyberConnect counters the rampant exploitation of personal data that has become the modus operandi of today's mainstream platforms.

  • Stifled Innovation: The platform champions open access to data, thus igniting the flames of innovation outside the restrictive clutches of Big Tech.

  • Content Manipulation: By fostering direct connections between creators and audiences, CyberConnect thwarts attempts at content manipulation stemming from murky, profit-centric motives.

  • Lack of Portability: As users shift between platforms, CyberConnect ensures continuity, allowing users to carry their digital identities and connections effortlessly.

  • Unfair Censorship: With a decentralized ethos, the platform nullifies arbitrary censorship, reinstating the egalitarian spirit that once defined the nascent days of the internet.

How does CYBER (CyberConnect) work?

The foundational pillar is the establishment of a CyberAccount—a decentralized digital identity resonating with the ethos of Web3. This self-sovereign identity forms the entry point to complete with unique user handles akin to "username.cyber." In the subsequent phase, users can immortalize their digital identities by minting NFTs representative of their CyberID handles.

The functionality extends beyond mere digital identity. Once users establish their CyberAccounts, they are free to explore the vast expanses of the CyberConnect social graph, posting content, establishing links with storage locations, or even converting content into collectible NFTs via EssenceNFT smart contracts. This intricate mesh of interactions is diligently recorded on-chain with CyberGraph maintaining a meticulous log of all these activities via a harmonious blend of on-chain smart contracts and off-chain storage. Middleware empowers developers with the ability to customize behaviors including defining access conditions.

One of CyberConnect's distinguishing features is its use of ERC-4337 account abstraction, which allows for an integrated experience spanning multiple blockchain networks. This ingenious approach resolves the inherent challenges associated with identity fragmentation and the costs of switching networks. Moreover, the platform effectively negates the steep learning curves of Web3, often cited as a deterrent for new users by simplifying complex crypto wallet interactions.

CYBER (CyberConnect) market price & tokenomics

The lifeblood of the CyberConnect ecosystem is its native token, CYBER. As a multifunctional token, it serves an array of purposes:

  • Governance: Token holders wield the power to vote on protocol modifications or even delegate their voting prowess to others.

  • Payment for CyberID: The tokens find use in procuring distinct digital identities.

  • Gas Fee Payment: It streamlines transaction gas fees within CyberAccount even across diverse chains.

The total supply of CYBER tokens caps at 100 million. As of now, CYBER (CyberConnect) is ranked #324 by CoinMarketCap with market capitalization of $55,509,259 USD. The current circulating supply of CYBER coins is 11,038,000 .

Why do you invest in CYBER (CyberConnect)?

CyberConnect stands as a beacon of Web3 innovation in order to craft new benchmarks for the future of social networks. Powered by blockchain, the platform holds the promise of transforming mundane social interactions into a more decentralized and equitable experience. Such groundbreaking ventures often allure investors seeking to be at the forefront of technological revolutions.

Is CYBER (CyberConnect) a good Investment?

Evaluating the investment potential of CYBER requires a multifaceted approach. In its nascent stage, CYBER showcases volatility typical of newly launched tokens. However, riding the waves of hype, it harbors the potential for lucrative short-term gains. But like any investment, it carries its share of uncertainties. While its immediate prospects seem promising, long-term performance hinges on CyberConnect's capacity to fulfill its ambitious visions. CYBER finds backing from an impressive roster of developers and investors, cementing its position as a serious contender in the world of decentralized social platforms. However, as with any investment, it's vital to do thorough research and assess one's own risk appetite before committing.

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