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FameEX Withdrawal Limits

FameEX Withdrawal Limits

2023/11/09 20:14:20

What Are FameEX Withdrawal Limits?

This article will introduce two FameEX withdrawal policies, as the platform classifies withdrawal limits into separate categories:

Minimum Withdrawal Amount and Daily Withdrawal Limit

Minimum Withdrawal Amount

Withdrawals are subject to a minimum requirement, which varies depending on the coin and chain type on FameEX. You can find the minimum withdrawal amount for your specific coin at the bottom of the withdrawal page. Alternatively, you can view the minimum withdrawal amounts for all coins corresponding to the chain type in the below link: Fees

Daily Withdrawal Limit

The Daily Withdrawal Limit refers to the maximum amount of coins you can withdraw each day. On FameEX, USDT is typically used to calculate your daily maximum withdrawal amount. For instance, if the current price of BTC is 30,000 USDT and your daily withdrawal limit is 30,000 USDT, you can withdraw up to 1 BTC worth of coins every day. You can review your daily withdrawal limit in the [User Center] - [Basic] - [Withdrawal Limit] web section: Basic

• Daily Withdrawal Limit for No KYC: 2,000 USDT 

• Daily Withdrawal Limit for Primary KYC: 10,000 USDT

• Daily Withdrawal Limit for Advanced KYC: 30,000 USDT

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