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USDⓈ-M Perpetual Contract Trading Agreement

USDⓈ-M Perpetual Contract Trading Agreement

2023/07/21 18:18:05

This "USDⓈ-M Perpetual Contract Trading Agreement" ("Agreement") is between this website (also known as the "platform") and the user ("you") regarding your use of the digital asset perpetual contract transaction service provided by this website (" This service”) and the agreement entered into. You visit, log in to this website (including the API, mobile applications and other clients of this website), use any service provided by this website (including the mobile application of this website), or click the "I have read and agree to the above agreement" button the behavior means that you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted all the terms and conditions stipulated in this transaction agreement, as well as the amendments and updates we make to this transaction from time to time. If you do not agree to any terms or conditions of this agreement, please stop visiting this website and stop using this service. If you continue to visit this website or use this service, you are deemed to have unconditionally agreed to the entire content of this agreement.

1. The scope and application of the agreement. This agreement applies to your use of this website for USDⓈ-M perpetual contract transactions. This agreement is a supplement to the "Terms of Service". If this agreement is inconsistent with the "Terms of Service", this agreement shall prevail. If this agreement does not clearly stipulate, the "Terms of Service" shall prevail.

2. Modification of the agreement. This website reserves the right to determine, modify or change this agreement at any time. Any and all modifications or changes to this agreement will take effect immediately after being posted on this website. Therefore, if you continue to use the services of this website, it means that you accept the revised agreement and rules. If you do not agree to any modification to this agreement, please stop using this service immediately. This website recommends that you check this agreement frequently to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions applicable to your access and use of this service.

3. Voluntary behavior. Your USDⓈ-M perpetual contract trading on this website is entirely your own voluntary trading behavior based on your own economic situation and after you understand the relevant risks you face, and you unconditionally accept the potential risks and benefits brought by investment decisions.

4. This agreement does not conflict with the laws of your country or region. You are the legal owner of the virtual assets deposited in this service, and you guarantee that the source of these virtual assets is legal.

5. You understand and agree to carry out normal trading activities, and users shall not engage in malicious market behaviors and unfair trading behaviors that adversely affect market health in any form. For example, participate in price manipulation, or use service loopholes or other unreasonable means to harm other users. According to its judgment, FameEX reserves the right to take measures against such accounts with violations, including but not limited to freezing accounts, restricting, suspending and canceling transactions, etc.. FameEX may decide to take measures to mitigate your potential losses on your behalf, including but not limited to transferring your margin account to your exchange account or from your exchange account to your margin account without prior notice .

6. You understand the risks of using this service and voluntarily assume any loss or damage caused by the potential risks of investment. FameEX does not assume any responsibility. The risks include but are not limited to:

1) The price will fluctuate at any time due to any factors, due to price fluctuations, you may have a large profit or loss; any digital asset or trading position may fluctuate greatly in value, and may even become valueless;

2) You need to keep a sufficient number of digital assets required by FameEX in the FameEX margin account for contract transactions; failure to maintain sufficient assets may result in forced liquidation of the assets in your margin account;

3) There are additional counterparty risks when you trade digital asset contracts on the platform; in some cases, the platform may decide to close some or all of the positions;

4) Due to network delays, computer system failures and other possible irresistible factors, the execution of the FameEX contract service may be delayed, suspended, suspended or deviated, FameEX will do its best to ensure but does not promise the stable and effective operation of the FameEX contract service execution system; however, due to the above factors, the final execution result of the FameEX contract service is different from the user's expectation, and FameEX does not assume any responsibility.

7. Any loss caused by the user’s fault shall be borne by the user. Such faults include but are not limited to: failure to follow the transaction prompts, failure to perform relevant transaction operations in time, forgotten or leaking passwords, passwords being cracked by others, and user’s computer being used by others. Intrusion by others.

8. During the maintenance period of the FameEX platform announcement system, you agree to be fully responsible for managing your margin account under risk, including but not limited to closing positions.

9. The FameEX contract reserves the right to delist in advance, that is, to suspend all business and trading of a certain online asset on the exchange.

10. FameEX reserves the right to suspend and terminate the FameEX contract service. When necessary, the FameEX platform can suspend and terminate the FameEX contract service at any time.

11. I have read and agree to the FameEX contract service agreement, and agree to use the FameEX contract business. I am aware of this risk and confirm my purchase.

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