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Limits for U-Futures Trading
2022/09/23 16:24:00

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In order to prevent market manipulation and guarantee fair and safe trading for the users of USDT-Margined-Futures trading, FAMEEX implements a strict risk management system.

1. Limits on Unfilled Orders 

(1) The maximum number of unfilled orders on all trading pairs is 50. No unfilled orders will be allowed if this number is exceeded.

(2) If a user already has 50 unfilled orders in the order book, the user cannot open a new order even at the market price.

2. Limits on Order Amount

2.1 The amount of any single order should be less than 30% of the volume of the depth on the order book and the position should match the corresponding tier of leverage.

2.2 If 30% of the depth of the order book is less than the position size corresponding with the leverage multiple, the order quantity will be limited to 30% of the depth quantity.

2.3 If the depth of the order book* 30% is larger than the position size corresponding with the leverage multiple, the limit for order size will be set according to the leverage selected.


FAMEEX’s risk management for USDT-Margined-Futures Trading includes, but is not limited to, the rules above. Amendments will be updated on FAMEEX Announcements. Please pay attention to any updates by FAMEEX


FAMEEX reserves the right to adjust any limits for USDT-Margined-Futures Contract Trading explained in this article. FAMEEX appreciates your understanding and support!

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