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Price Index Calculation Rules

Price Index Calculation Rules

2021/09/22 19:12:10

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The index price is a comprehensive price index obtained by referring to the prices of major spot trading markets and based on their weighted average. The data for reference in U-Futures contracts comes from Binance, Huobi, OKEx, FAMEEX and Bitfinex. The system will take the latest price from the aforementioned platforms and the weight for data from each platform is 25%.

Data sampling frequency: Once per second.

The calculation formula is as follows:


  • WPi refers to the weighted average index price for Token i

    Pij refers to the latest spot transaction price of Token i of exchange j

    Wj refers to the weight of exchange platform j 

Protection Mechanism for Exceptional Samples:

1. When the price from a certain exchange deviates more than ±3% from the median price of the sample price, the price will be adjusted. The maximum is +3% from the median price and the minimum is -3% from the median price.

2. If one of the aforementioned exchanges fails to obtain the market data, the weight for this certain platform will be temporarily removed. The price at that point will be calculated based on the latest valid price obtained from the backup platform.

3. When multiple exchanges fail to obtain the market data, the price will be calculated based on the remaining exchanges and the remaining exchanges will reshare the weight.

4. If the exchange that fails to obtain the market data is restored within 10 mins, its weight will be regranted.

Given the objective differences in various data sources, there might be great volatility in the price if the situations above cause the adjustment in Price Index, which can lead to higher risks for traders. Please be cautious and prepared in advance for your investment.

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