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FAMEEX New Updates on Variety of Tasks to Apply on all Trading Fees

FAMEEX New Updates on Variety of Tasks to Apply on all Trading Fees

2022/11/28 16:52:15

Dear FAMEEX users,

FAMEEX has now launched various tasks in the Tasks section including first-time deposit, KYC verification, trading volume…etc. After completing different tasks, users will be rewarded with AMEF (reward point) automatically. These reward points can be redeemed for different trading fees. We welcome you to join and we hope you have a wonderful time while earning AMEF!

Updates on New Tasks:

1. Basic Tasks: All users can get reward points through different levels of KYC verification, email registration, activate different product functions…, etc.

2. Security Tasks: Users can turn on and set up security settings on their account in the [Security] under the personnel center to get AMEF reward points. The more secure your account, the more reward points you get.

3. Deposit Tasks: Users can earn AMEF in different ways of deposit tasks which include first-time deposits, total deposit amount or even one deposit over 500 USDT. In addition, if you use FAMEEX buy crypto function, you can also get the corresponding reward points.

4. Trade Tasks: Users who complete one trade over the minimum 50 USDT or more as required amounts will receive the corresponding reward points. The more you trade, the more AMEF you can get.

Updates on AMEF (Reward Points): Currently, AMEF can be applied to all trading products now! It will automatically offset up to 50% of the trading fees.

FAMEEX will release more tasks and add different types of redemption in the near future. Stay tuned to FAMEEX announcements and social channels for the latest news and updates about AMEF!

We thank you for your continued support!

November 28, 2022

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