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FameEX Hot Topics | FIFA Introduces Mobile Game with AI Technology for World Cup Soccer, and NFTs are Coming Soon

2023-04-04 10:57:35

Altered State Machine, a firm that specializes in Web3 AI technology, has introduced a mobile game called FIFA World Cup AI League. Currently available on Android, the game is expected to be launched on iOS in the near future. The game's open beta version is a more extensive version of the World Cup prediction game, which was unveiled in November. Though FIFA World Cup AI League does not feature soccer superstars such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, who have established partnerships with crypto industry enterprises, the game boasts a distinguishing feature that sets it apart from other soccer games. Its AI technology allows it to replicate the actual gameplay of real-world soccer matches.

FIFA, the governing body of soccer internationally and the organization behind the World Cup, has been actively entering the cryptocurrency sector. The association has contracted a crypto sponsor for the 2022 World Cup and launched an NFT platform. Furthermore, it has collaborated with other Web3 game studios to incorporate World Cup-themed integrations. FIFA World Cup AI League allows players to forecast the outcomes of upcoming soccer games using AI technology. The game also features various leagues, tournaments, and cups for players to join, allowing them to form their teams and compete with players from all around the world.

The core of FIFA World Cup AI League's game mechanics is its AI technology, which enables the game to replicate real-world soccer matches, offering players a sense of live match excitement from the comfort of their own devices. According to the game's creators, the AI technology can accurately predict match outcomes. The game is an excellent example of how Web3 technology can create immersive and unique gaming experiences. With soccer's popularity and the growing fascination in cryptocurrency, the game has the potential to attract a broad audience of gamers from around the world. The game's creators are eager to capitalize on this potential by launching the game on iOS shortly.

In conclusion, FIFA World Cup AI League is a mobile game that blends the thrills of soccer with cutting-edge AI technology. By taking advantage of the burgeoning interest in cryptocurrency and Web3 technology, the game's creators have developed a game that allows players to experience soccer in a novel and innovative way. With an iOS launch on the horizon, the game is poised to attract a vast audience of players and become a significant contender in the mobile gaming industry.

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