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How to Complete FAMEEX Tasks

How to Complete FAMEEX Tasks

2022/11/18 18:19:40

A new feature, "Tasks", has been added to the FAMEEX App. The Tasks section shows the status of various tasks to be completed with rewards paid in 'AMEF' reward points. AMEF reward points are given for daily check in and completing security verification.

How to Get AMEF?

1. Log in to your FAMEEX app and click on your profile icon in the upper left corner. You will see [Tasks] in the drop-down menu.

2. You will see your tasks here. Complete required tasks including daily check-in or security set-up to claim reward points, AMEF.

1) Daily Check in: All users can get reward points automatically the first time you log in and enter [Tasks] section each day. It’s not counted if you just log in to your account. It’s based on each week to calculate the total check in. Users can get 2000 AMEF on third time if entering the [Tasks] section for accumulated 3 days in a week.

2) Security Setup: Users get reward points for turning on security settings first time on their account in the [Security] under the personnel center. The more secure your account, the more reward points you get.

3. Tap available AMEF to check your AMEF records and details.

FAQ on Tasks & AMEF

1. What is AMEF?

AMEF are reward points for users who complete required tasks on [Tasks].

2. How to Use AMEF?

AMEF will apply trading fee discounts automatically to users’ accounts. AMEF reward points are redeemed automatically for up to 50% fee discount on all trading.

3. How Many Discounts Can I Get From My Available AMEF?

Up to 50% trading fee discount from AMEF points. 1000 AMEF equals 0.01 USDT fee deduction.

4. Can I Trade AMEF on FAMEEX?

No, users can’t trade or withdraw AMEF on FAMEEX. AMEF is the reward points in the Tasks section. Users can use it to deduct the trading fee.

5. Can I Exchange AMEF for USDT?

No, users can’t swap AMEF to any token including USDT. It only applies a trading fee discount automatically.

Terms & Conditions:

1. The Tasks section prohibits the use of all third-party plug-ins, illegal accounts, batch registration, self-dealing, market manipulation, etc. If you’re found doing illegal activities, the account will be disqualified.

2. FAMEEX reserves all rights to the final interpretation of Tasks.

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