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How to Participate in the Super Commission Rebate Program (App)

How to Participate in the Super Commission Rebate Program (App)

2021/11/03 17:41:10

FAMEEX Super Commission Rebate is ongoing, invite your friends to register and start trading on FAMEEX. The rebate rate for both inviter (You) and invitees (your friends) is up to 60%.

How to join the Super Commission Rebate Program?

Open the official FAMEEX APP and log in, click the “Profile icon” button on the top left corner and click "My Rebate”.

How to invite friends to join the Program?

Method 1:  On the "My Rebate” page, you can see a section named “Invite Friends” down below. You can copy the Invitation Link from there and share it with your friends.

Method 2: Click "Invite Now” and save the exclusive invitation picture shown, then your friends can be invited to sign up by scanning the QR code.

Method 3: You can copy the code and send it to your friends.

*Please make sure the invitees sign up for FAMEEX through your invite link, code or the “exclusive picture”. Please note that if the invitees leave the registration page in the process or has downloaded the APP before receiving your link and code,.the rebate for inviter and invitee.

How to check invitees’ rebate ratio?

Open the official FAMEEX App and log in, Click the “Profile” icon on the top left corner and click “My Rebate”.

Click "My invitation” to find the User IDs of your invitees in real time and modify the corresponding items(such as Spot/Futures Rebate Ratio of each User ID) through “Edit”. All changes will take effect in an hour.

How to check my rebate credit?

Click the “Profile” icon and then “My Rebate”, you will be redirected to the  Super Commission Rebate program page, on which your accumulated commission and the rebate amount will be calculated and displayed within an hour.

*The rebate credit will be calculated in an hour and deposited into your spot wallet.

How to check invitees' rebate credit?

Click the “Profile” icon and then  “My Rebate", we will redirect you to the Super Commission Rebate program page.

Click “My Invitation” and it will lead you to a page where you can see a list of the invitees. By clicking “Details” the total transaction fee and daily rebate credit for every invitee, however, the daily statistics will not be included.

Not quite understand? Try the video:

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