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Post-Only Orders in USDT-Margined Futures Trading
2022/11/04 11:41:05

Post-Only is now available for users when open or close a position in USDT-Margined Perpetual Futures Tradings on FAMEEX. When users choose Post-Only orders, their limited orders will not be executed immediately. Instead, the orders will be placed on the order book as a maker. If FAMEEX system detects that the Post-Only orders matched and executed with orders on the order book already, it will cancel the orders and make sure the orders are maker orders only.

As maker orders, Post-Only orders contribute to liquidity in the market and therefore users will be charged for lower fees as a maker but not a taker when the placed order is executed.

For large-volume or short-term traders, Post-Only orders allow them to have more control over the trading costs and enjoy lower service fees.

How to Place a Post-Only Order?

【Web Version】

Log in to the official website of FAMEEX and click [Derivatives].

Choose a preferred trading pair and select [Post-Only] in the Place Order section on the right side of the page to open or close a position. Once users place a Post-Only order, the order will be viewed as a maker order. It will be placed on the order book but will not be matched and executed with the orders that are already on the order book.

【Mobile Version】

Open FAMEEX App, log in and click [Futures] at the bottom of the screen.

Choose a preferred trading pair and select [Post-Only] as the order type. Once users place Post-Only orders when opening or closing positions, the orders will be considered as maker orders only. The orders will be placed on the order book but will not be matched or executed immediately with the orders that are already on the order book.

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