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Join Us to Win 75 Free USDT!

Join Us to Win 75 Free USDT!

2021/10/27 17:14:45

Dear FAMEEX users,

FAMEEX is thrilled to launch a new Trial Fund Campaign! During the campaign period, all available users can earn up to 75 USDT.

Competition Period: 2021.10.28 00:00:00——2021.11.06 23:59:59 (SGT)

How to Win: 

Mission 1: Earn 20 USDT!

Register on FAMEEX, open futures account and complete advanced KYC verification.

Mission 2: Show your PnL to obtain 5 USDT!

Show the PnL of your futures trading on the day you start trading and show it on FAMEEX official Telegram group.

Mission 3: Trade to enjoy 5 USDT bonus everyday!

Trading volume of U-Futures on FAMEEX per day ≥ 20,000 USDT can earn 5 USDT. Every user can claim the bonus once per day. Please note that the above-mentioned trading volume does not include API tradings. The calculation of the trading volume starts from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 everyday.

How to get started: Enter from mobile App (All details will be displayed on mobile App)   


Terms and conditions:

1. Users can utilise the bonuses (trial fund) in futures trading and the revenue from the tradings belong to users.

2. How to claim the bonuses: Winners of each Mission are limited to 200 users. For your information, to achieve Mission 1, users need to complete advanced KYC verification and users with primary KYC verification can participate in the other two Missions only.

3. Users can claim bonuses from Mission 1 and Mission 3 themselves; as for Mission 2, users have to contact FAMEEX Customer Service Team after showing the proof of completing the mission and submit the user ID. FAMEEX Customer Service Team will review the information according to the submitting order. The FAMEEX team will transfer the bonuses to the Futures wallet of the users as the review process is completed. 

4. Bonuses Distribution:

(1) Users who complete Mission 1 and Mission 3 can claim the bonuses immediately.

(2) The bonuses will be distributed to users from 10 AM to 8 PM (SGT) sharp. Users who are not joining our Telegram group among the above time will receive the bonus at 10 AM (SGT) the next day.

5. The bonuses distributed to users will be valid for 12 hours. After the 12-hour period, FAMEEX will retrieve the bonuses. When the due time passes and users still hold a position with the bonuses, FAMEEX will close the position compulsorily. 

6. Users who have the bonuses in the account can not conduct Futures trading through API.

7. Operating multiple accounts with the same IP address is prohibited, if discovered, all accounts involved would be canceled the eligibility for participating in the campaign.

8. Operating multiple accounts on the same equipment is prohibited. These accounts will be recognised as high-risk accounts and will be suspended.

9. Users from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau are not allowed to participate in the campaign.

10. Permanent account suspension: If any cheating or dishonest behaviour is discovered, such as bulk registrations, self-matching orders and the like. All these accounts will be suspended forever. 

11. FAMEEX reserves the right to cancel or amend any Activities or Activity Rules at our sole discretion.


27 Oct 2021  

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