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FameEX Afternoon Crypto News Recap | March 13, 2023

2023-03-13 15:25:35

Bank of Russia Registers Additional Issuer of Digital Assets

The Central Bank of Russia has added the Masterchain platform to its register of authorized issuers of digital financial assets. As the fifth "information system operator" in the country, Masterchain can now legally tokenize traditional assets and facilitate their trade.

Circle to Make $3.3 Billion USDC Reserves Fully Accessible on Monday

Circle, the cryptocurrency firm, has announced that it will make all its depositors affected by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank whole. The company will fully release its $3.3 billion USDC reserve deposit that was being held at Silicon Valley Bank on Monday when the banks reopen.

Biden Vows Accountability for SVB and Signature Bank Collapse

US President Joe Biden has pledged to hold accountable those responsible for the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. In a tweet, Biden said he is "firmly committed" to ensuring those responsible are "fully accountable". The banks' collapse led to significant losses for depositors, including cryptocurrency company Circle, which has since announced it will make all its affected depositors whole and fully release its $3.3 billion USDC reserve deposit held at Silicon Valley Bank.

Russian cryptocurrency market experiences growth, reports watchdog to Putin

Russia's financial watchdog, Rosfinmonitoring, has reported to President Putin that the use of cryptocurrencies is increasing in the country. The agency is monitoring thousands of participants in digital asset transactions with a new blockchain analytics system. The volume of cryptocurrency transactions in Russia has reached almost $13 billion, according to the financial authority.

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