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FameEX Afternoon Crypto News Recap | April 10, 2023

2023-04-10 16:29:15

Investment Manager Warns US Dollar Could Depreciate Significantly in Next Five Years
Investment manager Larry Lepard predicts that the US dollar could lose most of its value within the next 5-10 years. He blames the US for seizing $600 billion of Russian currency reserves during the Russia-Ukraine war, stating that it started another phase of currency debasement, where the US can take other countries' money if they don't meet its expectations.

Texas Lawmakers Propose a Gold-Backed State Digital Currency
Texas legislators have proposed bills to create a state-backed digital currency backed by gold, in opposition to some US lawmakers who oppose a central bank digital currency. The bills aim to integrate the digital currency into existing financial institutions and study the potential risks and benefits of the proposal.

Record-Breaking Zero-Carbon Energy Rate Achieved by America's First Nuclear-Powered Bitcoin Mine
Nautilus, the first nuclear-powered Bitcoin mine in America owned by TeraWulf, achieved a groundbreaking milestone in March 2023. The facility powered its 9,200 miners using nuclear energy, achieving a 91% rate of zero-carbon energy. This achievement sets a new benchmark in the cryptocurrency sector and demonstrates the potential of clean energy to power energy-intensive operations such as Bitcoin mining.

Smart Contract Bug Costs Sushiswap Over $3M in Losses; Head Chef Reports Recovery of Hundreds of ETH
A smart contract bug in Sushiswap's decentralized exchange (dex) protocol has reportedly caused losses exceeding $3 million. The affected contract was deployed across multiple blockchains, according to blockchain and smart contract security firm Peckshield.

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