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FameEX Afternoon Crypto News Recap | April 13, 2023

2023-04-13 17:03:50

US Firms Remain Top Pick as Crypto VC Funding Drops to 2-Year Low: Galaxy Research
A report from Galaxy Research suggests that VC investment into cryptocurrency firms fell in Q1 2023, but the recent price increases in crypto could lead to a rebound in Q2. Despite regulatory turbulence in the US, it remains the leading country for the number of firms raising capital, according to the report.

Completion of Zambia's Crypto Regulation Tests Expected by June
Zambia's Tech Minister, Felix Mutati, has stated that the country requires digital identities and necessary digital infrastructure before introducing cryptocurrency. Crypto regulation tests that aim to shape crypto laws in the country are set to be completed by June, according to the report.

OpenAI Introduces Bug Bounty Program to Address System Vulnerabilities
OpenAI has launched a bug bounty program aimed at addressing privacy and cybersecurity issues, with rewards for security researchers who identify and help fix system vulnerabilities. The move comes following a statement by the Japanese government's Chief Cabinet Secretary that Japan would consider incorporating AI technology into government systems if privacy and cybersecurity issues are resolved.

Exploring Collaboration Opportunities for E-krona in Retail Payments: Insights from Swedish Riksbank Report
The Swedish Riksbank has released its third report on central bank digital currency (CBDC), with a focus on a collaborative model for retail payments and conditional payments. While the report raised several issues, it primarily addressed a narrow question. Sweden is among several countries exploring the possibility of a CBDC.

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