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FameEX Hot Topics | Bitcoin Advocates Criticize Twitter's Doge Logo Change as 'Totally Irresponsible

2023-04-05 11:20:50

Twitter's recent decision to change its logo to a cartoon image of the popular meme of the Shiba Inu Doge has sparked controversy among the cryptocurrency community. While some bitcoin advocates have criticized the change, others are opposed to the discontent expressed by those in opposition. It remains unclear why the change was made, but the image has been associated with the cryptocurrency meme asset dogecoin (DOGE).
There are speculations that Twitter's owner, Elon Musk, changed the logo to the Doge meme to troll against a recent multibillion-dollar lawsuit against him that claims his tweets artificially inflate the price of DOGE. The move has been called "corporate cringe" by mainstream media publications like Mashable.

A number of bitcoin advocates tweeted their opposition to the logo change and criticized Musk for not highlighting the leading cryptocurrency BTC. One individual tweeted, "Pumping centralized unregistered securities again, [Elon Musk]?" Another person opined that "Dogecoin needs Elon Musk to win. Bitcoin needs nobody. That’s why we will win." After the logo was changed, Twitter was filled with posts from bitcoin supporters who were dissatisfied with the Doge logo replacement. "Dogecoin is not 'money for the people' as advertised by Elon Musk. Bitcoin is," tweeted Mark Harvey. "This is due to block size. In a hypothetical world where both blockchains are fully adopted (all blocks completely full of transactions), dogecoin would be significantly more centralized than bitcoin," Harvey claimed. Bitcoin author and educator Anita Posch emphasized that the logo change was "too much." "This is really getting too much," Posch said. "What a blunt advertisement for Dogecoin. I really loved Twitter, but since Elon is around everything is getting worse."

However, not everyone agreed with the bitcoin supporters who tweeted their opposition to the logo change. In response to the allegation of pumping "unregistered securities," one person replied, "This new breed of Bitcoiner that's totally anti-free market and pro-government regulation is confusing to me." Another individual questioned why people were getting so outraged, adding that "Elon Musk is clearly trolling." While Posch claimed that "many people will lose money" and that "it's totally irresponsible," others challenged the author's argument.
In conclusion, the recent logo change on Twitter has brought mixed reactions from the cryptocurrency community. While some bitcoin supporters have expressed discontent and criticized Elon Musk, others are opposing the opposition and labeling it as anti-free market. The debate continues on social media, with no clear resolution in sight.

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