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FameEX Hot Topics | China Plans to Extend Social Credit System to the Metaverse

2023-08-21 19:16:05

China's ambitions in the digital realm have extended to the Metaverse, as revealed in recent proposals made to a United Nations group. State-owned telecommunications company China Mobile has put forward a plan for a digital ID system applicable to users of virtual worlds and the Metaverse. This digital identity would incorporate both "natural characteristics" and "social characteristics" to maintain order and safety within the virtual realm.

The proposed digital ID system aims to consolidate a wealth of personal information and identifiers, including an individual's occupation. This data would be permanently stored and shared with relevant authorities, ostensibly to ensure compliance with regulations and curb any potential misconduct within the virtual environment.

The potential benefits of such a system are illustrated through a hypothetical scenario in which a disruptive user incites chaos and spreads false information within the Metaverse. The proposed digital ID would enable law enforcement agencies to swiftly identify and penalize the offender, thus maintaining a semblance of order within the digital realm.

China Mobile presented these proposals on July 5 during discussions with a focus group convened by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a specialized agency of the United Nations that deals with information and communication technologies. This group's mandate is to develop new standards for metaverse services, a sphere that is rapidly growing in importance.

If these proposals gain approval and traction, they could have profound implications for telecommunications companies and technology firms, particularly those operating within the metaverse sector. Notably, Chinese companies participating in the focus group are reportedly contributing a greater number of metaverse-related proposals compared to their counterparts from the United States and Europe. This proactive stance underscores China's strategic intent to establish its proposals as the standard for the metaverse, should its use become more pervasive.

In essence, China's endeavors to implement a digital ID system within the Metaverse are indicative of its broader push to exert control and influence in the digital realm. As the Metaverse gains prominence, the development of standardized regulations and systems will likely be pivotal in shaping the future landscape of virtual interactions and transactions.

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