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Prominent Carmaker Tesla Appears to Be Testing A Crypto Payment Option for Dogecoin
2022-11-18 15:19:55

Electric carmaker Tesla is testing a previously teased Dogecoin (DOGE) payment option, according to its website's source code.

The DOGE payment option was added for testing around three days ago, a software engineer who goes by "Tree of Alpha" on Twitter told The Block. The engineer analyzed Tesla's source code in the backend and said that the company is "definitely" testing that option.

"Most of the code is already present in the latest Javascript files Tesla uses for processing payments, but the part about Dogecoin is forced to return null no matter what happens, thus never showing (basically a way to test code in production)," said Tree of Alpha in a direct Twitter message.

In other words, the DOGE payment option is currently "a hidden feature" most non-technical people cannot see it by themselves yet. Here's how the option showed for Tree of Alpha on Tesla's checkout page when they were testing it.

(Article Courtesy of The Block)

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