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Logan Paul Retracts His Defamation Claim Against Coffeezilla and Issues an Apology

2023-01-09 12:51:40

Logan Paul suddenly changed his mind and erased the reaction video he had made to Coffeezilla.

Logan Paul, a YouTuber, has removed a video in which he threatened to sue Stephen "Coffeezilla" Findeisen, an online investigator, over a three-part series calling Paul's CryptoZoo project a "scam."


Paul has agreed to renounce his threats to file a defamation action over the recordings, according to Coffezilla in a tweet from January 6.

Logan called Coffezilla. He declared that he is erasing the two comments and withdrawing his threats to file a lawsuit. Coffezilla anticipates his third reaction, which he will add to his video when he has delayed it. Coffezilla said that he hopes Logan accepts responsibility this time and reimburses CryptoZoo's victims. What matters is that.

Findeisen shared an image from the CryptoZoo Discord server and a message from Paul, who said he had erased his first answer to Coffeezilla's video series and apologized.

"I contacted him today and apologized, saying that given the current trust issue, it was reckless and unethical."

"The conflict isn't about Coffeezilla. Actually, I'm pleased he made this public. I will soon take ownership, offer my condolences, and lay out a plan, "Paul carried on."

Paul's video reaction to Coffeezilla's charges from January 3 has now been taken down from YouTube, as of this writing. Both his first post from December 23 labeling the charges "not true" and the tweet linking to the video are still active.

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