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Mark Cuban on The SEC: ‘It's Nearly Impossible to Know What Is and Isn't a Security’

2023-06-12 16:45:25

The billionaire is the most recent person to claim that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission does not have a registration procedure that crypto businesses must adhere to.


One of the most recent industry leaders to criticize the US securities regulator for allegedly neglecting to give cryptocurrency startups a clear registration route is billionaire investor Mark Cuban. In a tweet on June 11, the Shark Tank investor alleged that the SEC's Framework for Investment Contract Analysis of Digital Assets paper lacks any registration, in the world of cryptocurrency, defining security is practically hard.

Sadly, none of the items on this page are involved in the registration process. Which makes it nearly hard to identify if something is not security in the crypto realm, regardless of an army of securities attorneys. The booklet does briefly clarify what is expected of businesses in accordance with U.S. federal securities regulations, albeit a step-by-step plan is not supplied.

It was vital to provide all information required for investors to make informed investment decisions, as well as other essential managerial efforts that have an influence on the enterprise's performance. Cuban also pointed out that the SEC has increased openness in other financial industry areas. They're participating in a comments process, according to Cuban, rather than classifying stock loans as securities or suing brokers and banks. To ascertain which elements of cryptocurrency are securities and which are not, he continued, They should do the identical thing with crypto.

“The SEC describes the stock lending market as opaque and demands openness in this instance. As opposed to what they are attempting to accomplish with the lending of crypto assets, they are not classifying stock loans as a security. Additionally, they are not suing the stock loan divisions of brokers or banks.” — Mark Cuban (@mcuban) June 9, 2023

At the International Securities Exchange & Fintech Conference last week, SEC Chair Gary Gensler asserted that there is a registration procedure and that businesses know how to register. His remarks were in response to recent assertions made by Coinbase and Robinhood that they attempted to register, but the SEC denied their application.

SEC Removes Term of Digital Assets From Proposed Hedge Fund Policies

On June 5 and June 6, the SEC filed lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase, saying that the exchanges had violated many securities laws, most notably by allegedly providing cryptocurrencies that the regulator views as unregistered securities. The SEC currently classifies a total of 68 cryptocurrencies as securities.

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