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OMG Crypto News

2021-12-31 18:20:20

OMG Crypto News

What are OMG Tokens?

OMG tokens are the currency of the OMG Network that was established in 2017 as a faster, cheaper and equally secure alternative. Remarkably, the OMG Network is at once a decentralised exchange, a liquidity provider mechanism, a messaging network, and a blockchain gateway with digital assets. By working on top of the Ethereum blockchain, OMG equally benefits those who use traditional banking services and people who lack access to banking services simultaneously.

This so-called “philanthropic aspect” of the network is what makes the OMG Network markedly different and unique when compared to other projects in the crypto market today. By making the lives of others better, the OMG Network truly showcases the power of blockchain technology and shows why it remains one of the favourite options of investors.

OMG Coin News

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