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The Decline in Bitcoin Prices Is Ongoing, but Research Indicates That an Adequate Correction Is Necessary

2023-12-12 16:20:10

The value of Bitcoin saw a significant sell-off to start the week, but fundamental and on-chain statistics suggest that a vital cooling-off phase is in store.


The price of Bitcoin fell by 5% on the previous day, closing at $41,645 on December 11. Technical indications and on-chain data demonstrate that Bitcoin is still strong notwithstanding the significant market decline, as bulls attempt to drive the price upwards to $44,000. The price of Bitcoin was over-extended when we look at on-chain statistics. It fell 7.2% to $40,300 on trading, sparking a discussion among experts. The mainstay cryptocurrency is the cost, according to the director of the study at on-chain analysis company CryptoQuant Julio Moreno, is getting too hot following its most recent rally beyond the $40,000 symbolic barrier. 

More information from the on-chain data research company Lookintobitcoin revealed that bulls were becoming weary. The Crosby Ratio, which indicates that Bitcoin's immediate price is at over-extended degrees, indicates that the price of the cryptocurrency has hit its optimal ratio multiplication near-term objective, based on its December 2023 forecast. This means that a correction, or a minimum of a decrease, is required. The so-called golden factor is a tool for analyzing market cycles and the acceptance curve of Bitcoin in order to predict potential price movements over medium- to lengthy amounts of time. Put another way, when buyer fatigue developed, Bitcoin achieved overvalued circumstances at $40,000. Take note that since December 5, the main cryptocurrency's sentiment index (RSI) indicates that it has become significantly overbought. 

The Price of Bitcoin is Facing Substantial Resistance at $44,000

The resistance surrounding the $44,000 supply area is the cause of the current downturn in the marketplace for Bitcoin. According to Lookintobitcoin's golden ratio amplification marker, which examines market cycles and Bitcoin's acceptance curve, the 1.6 multiplication objective has already been attained, within $44,000. It should be noted that Bitcoin has been unable to break over it decisively for the previous week. Put another way, this supply bottleneck area is strongly rejecting the price of Bitcoin, presenting a difficult obstacle for bulls to overcome.

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