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How to Generate Your Own APIs on FAMEEX

How to Generate Your Own APIs on FAMEEX

2021/09/27 14:09:25

Check our tutorial video to solve your problems and understand more related topics:

More details are available in the whole article below.

1. What is an API and what does an API do?

(1) API is the foundation of FAMEEX services. There are three types of APIs: trading, market data and wallet account.

(2) The trading API and the account API allow you to view real-time market data quickly, place orders in time, look into the pending orders, buy/sell, cancel orders, review all of the assets and check the wallet balance.

(3) The market data API provides financial data such as the candlestick chart, the depth of the order book and transaction data.

2. Before generating the APIs, you have to open an account on FAMEEX. The API can be generated in API Management''-” Create My API.” You can connect the API and start automated trading, withdrawing funds and viewing the market data.

3. How to generate an API?

(1) Click [Basic] in the upper right corner on the FAMEEX official homepage.

(2) Enter the API Management page and fill out the form by following the instructions. When creating the API, a remark is required but IP Address is not mandatory. FAMEEX users can create more than one API, users should mark different APIs with different remarks. Once the “IP Address” is filled, users can only access the API via the certain IP Address. After filling out the form, please click “create”.

(3) To secure the users’ accounts, please finish the required 2-step verification by entering Google 2FA verification code, mobile verification code or email verification code.

(4) After the verification is done, the API will be created successfully and you can find the Access Key and Secret Key. Please copy and save the Secret Key carefully since it is irretrievable once you lose it.

(5) You can click “change” to edit the remark and the binding IP address. You can also click “delete” to remove the Secret Key.

4. How do you connect the FAMEEX API to other platforms?

(1) You can check your API List via [API Management]. Copy the “Access Key” of the API you would like to connect. Meanwhile, please prepare the “Secret Key” of the API you would like to connect.

(2) With the “ Access Key” and the “Secret Key'' ready at hand, you enter the “Access Key” and the “Secret Key'' on the corresponding third-party platform. Now the FAMEEX API is successfully connected to the third-party platform, where you can place an order on FAMEEX, check the pending order, buy/sell or cancel an order.

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