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Summary of Failed Orders in Futures Trading
2022/03/02 18:13:15

When trading in the futures market, it may appear that the order is failed to be placed or the order is not filled, here are some possible reasons.

Reasons for failure to place orders:

1. Insufficient margin balance: There are other open orders using the margin or the order amount exceeds the position amount.

2. Limited position: exceeding the leverage rate with the corresponding size of position.

3. Limited by the amount of order: lower than the minimum amount of order or exceed over the maximum amount of order.

4. Limited by the price of order: lower than than the minimum open price or exceed over the maximum open price.

Reasons for unfilled orders:

1. Deviating hugely from the market price: no matching orders in the market depth of the order-book at the set price. Should the position be very large, it could be partially filled due to the volatile price in the market.

2. No matching price: In Stop-limit order, when the market price hits the trigger price, the limit order will be added to the order-book. An unfilled order will happen when the market price does not match to the set price.

3. Not passing the Margin check: The system will calculate the maintenance margin before opening orders and filling orders in Stop Limit and Stop Market orders. Once the order is triggered, if there is any loss or some margin balance has been transferred out from the futures account, resulting in an inadequate margin balance, the order status will be shown as automatically cancelled.

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