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How to Use FameEX Futures Trial Fund

How to Use FameEX Futures Trial Fund

2023/07/25 11:12:00

1. What is FameEX Futures Trial Fund?

FameEX Futures Trial Fund allows users to experience futures trading without investing their assets and to reduce the risk of losing their assets. You cannot withdraw or exchange your trial fund but you can withdraw the revenue generated by the trial funds.

2. What are the Terms & Conditions of the Trial Fund?

  1. 1) In order to receive your Trial Fund, please activate your Futures account in advance.
  2. 2) The duration of the trial fund differs according to different rules in each campaign. Within the valid duration, users can utilize the trial fund only in futures trading and can only be traded once. Trial fund will be deducted first to pay your transaction fees and futures loss.

  3. 3) Trial Fund is not eligible for withdrawal or exchange. However, the revenue from the futures trading belongs to users and can be withdrawn.

  4. 4) The trading volume of the trial fund will not be calculated in the super rebate program or any other campaign.

  5. 5) Our system will send an alert email before retrieving your trial fund compulsorily. If users still hold a position while retrieving, our system will liquidate it based on the portion of the trial fund. It might affect your margin and please be aware of your risk management.

FameEX Team

25 July 2023

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