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How to Use FameEX Futures Trial Funds?

How to Use FameEX Futures Trial Funds?

2023/11/23 19:26:00

What Are Futures Trial Funds?

FameEX futures trial funds allow users to open positions in perpetual trading without investing their own funds, reducing the risk of asset losses. However, it is worth noting that futures trial funds are separate from the user's own assets and cannot be used simultaneously with them. FameEX Futures trial funds include two types: One-Time Coupon and Reusable Coupon.

• One-Time Coupon: It can only be used to open a position once and will be automatically reclaimed by the system after the position is closed or expired.

• Reusable Coupon: It can be used to open positions repeatedly until the system automatically reclaims them after expiration or all losses are incurred.


• No actual financial risks need to be taken for opening a position;

• Learn futures trading rules and improve trading skills quickly and easily.

Rules of Use

• Only opening and closing positions at market prices are supported. Users can adjust the leverage, but cannot customize the order size. When closing a position, the operation can only be performed on the position page.

• Only available in Isolated Margin mode, not in Cross Margin mode. In cases of significant market fluctuations, orders may be partially filled. After the user cancels the unfilled portion of the order, the selected trial fund amount for opening the position will be the margin in the isolated position.

• Only available in Hedge Mode, not in One-way Mode.

• Only available in Single-Currency Margin mode, not in Multi-Currency Margin mode.

• After using trial funds to open a position, the user can select another trial fund coupon for a margin add-on (only support the entire coupon amount). However, it's important to note that once the margin is added, it cannot be reduced.

• Support closing positions via market TP&SL (Take Profit & Stop Loss). After the TP&SL setting is triggered, the entire position will be closed at the market price. However, TP&SL order at the limit price is not supported, and each opened position using trial funds can only have one TP&SL order.

• Futures trial fund coupons are subject to both position closing time and maximum leverage limits. The specific description of the coupons shall prevail. The position closing time limit pertains to the minimum holding period required for positions with the trial fund. Such positions need to be held for a certain period of time before they can be closed.

• Futures trial fund coupons can be stackable, but when closing a position, it must be closed entirely at one time and not partially. If you use multiple trial fund coupons together, in case of a loss upon closing a position, the One-Time Coupon will be used first, followed by the Reusable Coupon. If multiple Reusable Coupons are used, they will be deducted in the order of their issuance.

• Rules for reclaiming futures trial fund coupons: The system will automatically reclaim the One-Time Coupon after the position is closed, and all trial fund coupons after they expire. If there are still holdings at expiration, the system will close the position at the market price and reclaim the trial fund coupons.

Terms and Conditions:

• Futures trial fund coupons can only be claimed after activating a futures account. Once the trial fund coupons expire, the system will automatically reclaim them, and they cannot be used anymore.
• Futures trial fund coupons can only be used for futures trading and cannot be converted into cash or transferred to other accounts.
• The trading volume generated from the trial funds will not be counted for commissions or other benefits based on trading volume.
• If a user's account violates risk control rules or engages in any malicious activities, FameEX reserves the right to retrieve the trial fund coupons, reclaim them in advance, or freeze the related account.
• FameEX reserves the right to modify or cancel futures trial fund coupons at any time, without prior notice.
• FameEX reserves the final interpretation rights of futures trial funds.

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