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36% of The Top 1000 Cryptocurrency Projects Stopped Blogging This Year

2023-05-04 13:40:40

According to blockchain marketing firm Guerilla Buzz, a staggering 35.8% of the top cryptocurrency projects in the world will still be active in 2023 without publishing a single blog entry.


More than a third of the top 1,000 cryptocurrency projects, which includes both cryptocurrency businesses and specific tokens, haven't added any new content to their websites since 2023. According to a surprising May 1 survey released by blockchain marketing firm Guerilla Buzz, whose clients include businesses like CoinGecko and cryptocurrency exchange AAX, 35.8% of the largest 1,000 cryptocurrency ventures were unable to update their websites with any new written content this year.

Additionally, the report discovered that only 49.7% of these 1,000 projects had published more than two new articles by 2023. The idea for the comparison study, according to Guerilla Buzz researchers, came about as a result of their observation that many crypto companies do not prioritize strong marketing foundations. Instead of placing a higher priority on long-term organic growth, the majority of these businesses decide to concentrate their efforts on creating buzz for their token sales and opting for short-lived growth spurts.

The study technique, according to the article, was labor-intensive yet straightforward. First, researchers manually checked each of the top 1,000 crypto projects' corresponding websites to see if they had a blog. From there, they evaluated the number of current articles and looked up the number of fresh blog entries produced in 2023. The free blog hosting service Medium emerged as the most preferred blogging platform for cryptocurrency initiatives, according to the study. It's been said that this practice has persisted since the initial coin offering boom of 2017, when thousands of new projects suddenly appeared over the course of a few months, many of which relied primarily on a one-page website, a white paper, and lofty claims of a tech revolution.

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Notably, while Medium continues to be the preferred platform for many blogs about cryptocurrency projects, it might not be the best option for businesses looking for long-term growth. These businesses are ultimately helping Medium's traffic and growth rather than their own by depending on its platform, according to academics. "While Medium may have been an obvious choice for crypto companies looking to generate buzz quickly due to its excellent on-page SEO skills and high domain authority, this emphasis on immediate outcomes could not be long-term viable."

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