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FameEX Morning Crypto News Recap | March 17, 2023

2023-03-17 12:00:55

Carmaker Nissan Applies for Four New Trademarks as it Explores Further into Web3
Nissan, the Japanese car manufacturer, has recently entered the world of Web 3 and blockchain by filing four new trademarks with the USPTO. This has led to speculations that Nissan may be venturing into the digital realm, specifically in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse. Although the details of Nissan's plans for these trademarks remain unknown, the filings indicate that the company is exploring opportunities to expand its presence in the digital landscape.

Ethereum's Shanghai Upgrade Scheduled for a Specific Date
The long-awaited Shanghai upgrade of Ethereum's mainnet now has an official date, with Ethereum core developers announcing during the All Core Developers Execution Layer meeting that the upgrade is scheduled to take place on April 12th. The Ethereum community is thrilled with this news, as the upgrade is expected to bring substantial improvements to the network, such as the implementation of staked Ethereum withdrawals, which will significantly enhance liquidity and accessibility for Ethereum stakers.

Commercial Banks Encouraged by German Banks to Lead Launch of Digital Euro
German Banks Push for Commercial Banks to Lead the Way in Digital Euro Development, Calling it the Next Logical Step in Payment Evolution. The Association of German Banks believes that the CBDC will complement existing payment methods and help commercial banks stay relevant in the ever-evolving digital currency landscape. The banks are calling on the European Central Bank (ECB) to allow them to take the lead in developing the digital euro.

SEC Secures Final Judgment Requiring Meta 1 Coin to Pay $10M
Robert Dunlap, Nicole Bowdler, and former State Senator Dave Schmidt face charges from the SEC for running an ICO scheme called "Meta 1 Coin." The SEC alleges that the defendants deceived investors by making false claims about the high returns they could expect. Specifically, the defendants are accused of misleading participants by falsely stating that the ICO could yield a profit of 224,923% within a year.

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