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Microsoft Calls on Businesses and Governments to ‘Step Up’ With AI Guardrails

2023-05-26 16:11:30

Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft, is the newest titan of the IT sector to demand improved risk management and regulation for AI.


Microsoft President Brad Smith has urged businesses and governments to move faster in the face of a sharp acceleration in the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Smith made the appeal while presenting legislation that would lessen the possible hazards of AI at a panel in front of US senators on May 25 in Washington, DC, according to a New York Times story.

The business has urged businesses to put in place safety brakes for AI systems that manage vital infrastructure and to create a more comprehensive legal and regulatory framework for AI, among other things. Smith is just another influential figure in the sector to sound the alarm about the quick advancement of AI technology. 

The rapid growth of AI has already resulted in some negative developments, such as privacy concerns, job losses due to automation, and incredibly convincing deep fake movies that frequently propagate fraud and misinformation on social media. According to the Microsoft executive, businesses must also try to reduce the hazards associated with unrestrained AI growth in order to avoid placing all the burden of action on the government. Smith's remarks come despite the fact that Microsoft has apparently been working on AI as well, creating a number of new specialized chips that would support ChatGPT, OpenAI's popular chatbot. However, Smith contended that Microsoft wasn't trying to shirk duty because the company promised to take responsibility for its own AI safety measures, regardless of whether the government required them.

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Since ChatGPT's first introduction in November of last year, there have been several requests for tighter regulation of AI, with some groups even urging that progress on the technology be temporarily halted. The Future of Life Institute released an open letter on March 22 urging business executives to pause the development of AI. It was signed by a number of influential figures in the IT sector, including Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, and Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple. The letter had more than 31,000 signatories at the time of publishing.

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