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Earn Up to 60% Rebate with Super Rebate

Earn Up to 60% Rebate with Super Rebate

2021/08/02 18:37:00

Dear FAMEEX users,  

FAMEEX  has launched the Referral Program 2.0 on May 22, 2021. Now inviting your friends to sign up and trade on FAMEEX, you may enjoy your rebate bonus up to 60% within 1 year. 

Campaign Period: 2021.05.22-00:00:00 to 2022.05.20-23:59:59 (SGT)

The details are as follows:  


1. How to invite: In order for an invited friend to receive a kickback, they must register using the corresponding referral link.

2. Level of rebate: The spot and futures accounts are calculated separately for invited friends. 

3. Calculation duration: At 00:00:00 (SGT) on the 1st of each month, the rebate rate of spot and futures will be adjusted separately, based on the previous month's transaction volume of spot/futures of all invitees.

4. Formula of calculation: 

Commission of Rebate = Invited friend’s real-time spot trade volume X  handling fee rate X referral rate + Invited friend’s real-time futures trade volume X handling fee rate X referral rate

5. Daily settlement time: payment time is before 00:00:00 PM(SGT) on the next day and deposited to the user's spot account.

6. Benefit of rebate: inviter can adjust and set different sharing rates to different users. Certain percentage of the referral rebate will be given to invitees. The referral rebate will kick back to the inviter.

Formula of kickback: Invited friend’s kickback earnings = Inviters’ rebate earnings X inviter’s set-up rebate rate

7. Forbiddance: FAMEEX does not allow any user to self-invite through multiple accounts. Upon such activity has been detected, all referrals will be cancelled and all referral commission kickbacks for the invitee’s accounts will be cancelled.

8. FAMEEX reserves the right to adjust rules for referral rate and kickback rate at any point and also the rights for cancelling inviter’s kickbacks.

FAMEEX - The secure, efficient and edge-cutting cryptocurrency trading platform. Invite your friends to register now and receive up to 60% rebate!

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