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Barcelona Street Artists Talk About Their Love For Bitcoin Via Graffiti To Wallets

2023-09-25 16:58:20

More than 100 street artists, performers, and Bitcoin lovers are now a part of the Street Cyer artist community, nine months after its founding. Two Bitcoin-supporting graffiti painters in Barcelona, Spain were diligently promoting Bitcoin at skateboard parks, building sites, transportation hubs, and bus stations.

Source: Street CY₿ER

From its founding in January 2023, Street Cyer, a group of painters and cryptocurrency aficionados, are producing Bitcoin artwork throughout Europe to spread knowledge about the digital currency. Over 100 instructors, supporters, artists, musicians, activists, and reporters make up the Street Cyer crew, another of the group's co-founders, who spoke with Cointelegraph. Their dedication can be observed in Tallinn (Estonia), Riga (Latvia), Berlin, Madrid, Prague, and Barcelona. 

A significant portion of their social media-shared artwork seeks to make impactful comments regarding the supposed shortcomings of the traditional financial system and how Bitcoin might fill the gap. Other works of art only aim to increase public knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Street said of street art: “Street art additionally serves as a way to get around the conventional press, which is frequently regulated by strong organizations.” He claimed that Street Cyer's goal in creating the Bitcoin street art was to promote a more equitable society. There are already more than 70 photographs of their artwork available in the exhibitions section of the Street Cyer web page, all of which have the image of Bitcoin or reference it by name. 

Acquire Bitcoin, Stop Funding the Government

Talking specifically about one of their works, Street explained that the idea underlying Buy Bitcoin eliminates funding The State was to urge individuals to consider whether Bitcoin may promote freedom in society by minimizing the influence of the government. According to Street, Bitcoin has been used to create a fresh society that thrives on personal autonomy and spontaneous collaboration, a viewpoint promoted by numerous cryptocurrency-anarchists all over the globe.

Street claims that nations will find it challenging to finance wars since they can't create more Bitcoin. This will result in it more challenging for nations to retain sizable forces and reduce the cost of going to war, he predicted, so if wars were theoretically paid for using Bitcoin, the transparency of the digital currency would make it difficult for government officials to conceal war spending and such assaults would be more probable to be detected by adversarial governments. Furthermore, the idea behind the Bitcoin Makes War Unaffordable slogan is to advance freedom and peace on a global scale.

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