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FameEX Afternoon Crypto News Recap | April 18, 2023

2023-04-18 16:05:30

Israeli Central Bank Considers Issuing CBDC in Response to Rise of Stablecoin Adoption
The Bank of Israel is preparing for a potential CBDC launch by developing an action plan. However, no final decision has been made. The move follows other countries, including the US and EU, that are also exploring the possibility of launching their own CBDCs. The Bank of Israel is keeping a close eye on the situation, as it prepares for the potential launch of a digital shekel.

EU Lawmakers Urge for AI Safety Amid Warning from Google CEO on Hasty Advancements
A group of 12 EU politicians has signed a letter advocating for the responsible development of AI. This comes as Google CEO Sundar Pichai warns against the release of powerful AI technology before society has had the opportunity to adapt to it. The letter emphasizes the need for AI development to prioritize human values, ethical considerations, and transparency.

Revolutionizing Crypto through Artificial Intelligence: Advancing Safety, Trading Algorithms, and Efficiency
The article suggests that AI could help solve safety problems in the financial market by identifying and preventing fraudulent behaviors. With the use of AI systems, investors' investments would be better protected, and risks associated with the market would be reduced.

Crypto Firms to Face Annual Supervision Fees under NYDFS' New Rule
New York's finance watchdog has imposed a new rule that will require licensed cryptocurrency firms to pay for supervisory costs, potentially hindering the industry's growth despite its bullish trend. The move comes amid increased regulatory scrutiny in the crypto market, which could pose challenges for the industry. Despite these obstacles, the global crypto market continues to show a positive trajectory.

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