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FameEX Morning Crypto News Recap | November 2, 2023

2023-11-02 12:31:50

MicroStrategy's Bitcoin Holding Gains $900 Million Amidst BTC Price Surge

The U.S. securities regulator is under pressure to approve a plan to convert Celsius Network into a Bitcoin mining company. This proposal aims to compensate customers of the insolvent cryptocurrency lender with cryptocurrency assets and shares in a new publicly traded mining company.

Judge Calls for SEC Ruling on Planned Celsius Network Relaunch as Cryptocurrency Miner

The U.S. securities regulator faces pressure to approve Celsius Network's transformation into a Bitcoin mining company. The plan aims to compensate customers of the insolvent cryptocurrency lender by offering both cryptocurrency assets and shares in a new publicly traded mining entity.

Visa Successfully Concludes Pilot Test of Digital Hong Kong Dollar with Local Banks

Visa has concluded a pilot program for the Hong Kong Monetary Authority's central bank digital currency (CBDC) with HSBC and Hang Seng Bank. The program involves deposit tokenization, where funds deposited with a bank are represented as tokens on the bank's blockchain ledger with the backing of its balance sheet.

The UK AI Safety Summit Commences with Global Leaders and Remarks from China and Musk

The UK AI Safety Summit, spanning November 1-2, features global government officials and top AI firms, with attendees from the US and China. The event's first day saw key developments, including a shared declaration, the US unveiling plans for an AI safety institute, China expressing a willingness to engage on AI safety, and remarks from Elon Musk.

PayPal Secures Crypto License in the UK Following Temporary Halt on Local Bitcoin Purchases

PayPal has received regulatory approval from the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to provide specific cryptocurrency services, including but not limited to crypto exchange services, participation in initial coin offerings, staking, peer-to-peer exchange, and decentralized finance activities. This approval allows PayPal to continue offering its crypto-related services in the UK market.

Canadian MP Encourages Bitcoin Exploration, Citing Gary Gensler's Pre-SEC Stance

Canadian Member of Parliament Joel Lightbound, a Bitcoin owner himself, has encouraged people to study and comprehend Bitcoin's significance. While he refrained from promoting its purchase, Lightbound emphasized Bitcoin's emergence during financial crises and its role in empowering the underbanked and those in oppressive regimes.

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